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Thread: SFWD Drag Sentra

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2009-11-01 18:03:00
Originally Posted by StinkyTurbo
B20v swap + I/H/E + B16 trans + Junk2 camshafts + suspension + SAWZILL + EG Civic shell = 12 second all motor.

The main ingredient in that equation is the sawzill......& you dont even want to know why. They hack those cars to death.

I'm sure being closer to sea level helps with times too. So since you're a honda guy, I need to know what is rod ratio? The honda guys always talk about it and apparently its way over my head. A little help?
2009-11-01 18:13:56
Fellows thats Arjays car jusdetluv.
2009-11-01 19:02:09
exactly. in short the sr20 is soo much easier to turbo and make a pretty quick street car than a honda.

But when it comes to going all out and building a 800-1000 hp drag sfwd car the honda by far wins just because the aftermarket is there for them.
2009-11-01 19:39:16
eh i donno, if you ask me, i tihnk the aiblity to make 800-1000hp is ther both on honda and nissan, if you are looking to get into that range, you are basicly going to be making alot of the parts for the setup one off, either the exhaust manifold,intercooler setup, intercooler piping,exhaust setup, so on and so fourth,

basicly the sr20det has a full onset of block building parts that can easily get you into the 1000hp range, sleeves,pistons,rods,ect, same thing goes for the head, valves,springs,retainers,cams,ect

the sr20det has just the same ability, but they are more underground where as the honda scene is completely exposed for what it is

i used ot be knee deep into hondas, and respect them, but they get a bad rap so it kinda sucks.
2009-11-01 20:15:30
Originally Posted by StinkyTurbo

A car with a T28 turbo wont compete in the SFWD class.

What defines a SFWD? Doesn't it stand for Sports Front Wheel Drive? To me anything faster then 14sec 1/4 mile, or below 6 seconds 0-60 would be a SFWD. But that's why I'm asking for the definition
2009-11-01 22:19:06
sfwd is an nhra drag racing group of yes sport fwd cars. And its primarily dominated by hondas, haha
2009-11-01 23:19:28
SFWD no longer exists. They did a way with that category some time ago.

This car use to belong to a friend of mine names Silvio in FL. Car has been around the block a few times. Good to see its still around.
2009-11-02 00:27:11
Originally Posted by Vadim
What defines a SFWD? Doesn't it stand for Sports Front Wheel Drive? To me anything faster then 14sec 1/4 mile, or below 6 seconds 0-60 would be a SFWD. But that's why I'm asking for the definition

SFWD is a NHRA drag racing field of mainly "street spec" ish cars, that is.. all out work on the engine and trans w/ slicks but you're not allowed to put wheelie bars or mess with the unibody of the car (unlike Papadakis and his Civic shell over a purpose built drag car). Some of these guys are deep into the 9's if I'm not mistaken, competition is fierce and I don't think many of them are sponsored. Just think of one of us going all out and competing in the circuit.

It was made to level the playing ground so individuals can compete with each other without being bullied by the big boys in their sponsored cars.

And yes, these Honda guys spend a TON of money to compete in this field, we can also be competitive but a few have to take the initiative and step up to the plate.

Here's an example:
2009-11-02 00:33:32
i would love to do it, and maybe one day i will be able to, Especially if i get my own shop up and going.

But just dont have the money to do it and compete. I mean my car is fast but not that fast, haha and a long ways away from being even allowed to run in those fields as far as the nhra rules and safety standards are concerned. Slowly and maybe one day. I know i have the knowledge and skill to build and tune a car to compete but like many in our commnity, FUNDS FUNDS FUNDS are just not there at the moment, haha
2009-11-02 01:29:32
the sfwd class is a pretty awesome class it has to be a factory unibody car , no wheelie bars , full interior , factory glass , 76mm turbo max , 1 power adder , 2400 lb weigh in , full exhaust , and i believe no bigger than a 24.5 inch slick . I believe that miller with the nrg tech eg hatch justr went like 8.75 at i believe 176
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