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Thread: CF Trunk Moved to Group Buy Section

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2009-10-31 00:05:29
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET

^Here is what my trunk looks like. It is still in mint condition, but it hasn't seen any weather yet, only room tempature. It has the spot for the inner lights/hey hole as well. Will all the trunks you have made be without the key hole?[/QUOTE

Reese that trunk looks great. If you plan on using it I would have a good bodyshop shoot it with some good clear all over.
Give me a ring man havent talked to you in awhile.
2009-10-31 00:33:24
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
I think they dont. Almost half of the buyers here for the trunks (which are the ones I know wont back out at the last moment) have no inner tail lights, and dont want them.

Preach on brother!!
Originally Posted by PWRDbyUNCLEbens
That way the trunk can be used for any 91-94 sentra inner lights or not. If you want inner lights you cut the holes yourself, and make it that way.

And can I get an AMEN from the congregation!!
2009-10-31 00:33:47
Okay guys here is whats going to happen.
B13 trunks will be done first, Sqd will be delivering his trunk to be molded and made(same CF trunk reese has)
I want a blank canvas for these so everyone can do what they want to do (I want stencils to be made and I will pursue that with him for the lights and keyhole)
Shipping is going to be a flat rate (unfortunately) of $150, if you get more people around you than we can ship them to one place and you distribute them. I will be doing this on the east coast and hope this doesnt turn anyone away from this but shipping these correctly is a job in itself and im willing to pay the extra to have them shipped correctly.

I will be taking downpayments of $200 for the trunks on November 15 or before if you can do it. I'm going to call him on Monday and ask about the hoods but I'm pretty sure he will have them asap because he probably has them already.
2009-10-31 00:42:03
Could you see what shipping would be to have 2 trunks and 1 hood all shipped to a business address in 98036
2009-10-31 00:55:05
Pretty sure he wants to do a flate rate of $150. I will be in contact with him about shipping prices I know that will sway people for and against unfortuantely.

Email from him today:
for the trunk let's do the 91-94 trunk first. I will require 10 deposits of $200 each so a total of $2000 and the balance for the 10 trunks will be $200 each. the shipping price is about $150 in the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska is extra. If your gonna have them shipped to you I would suggest shipping multiple hoods or trunks at the same time to save money on shipping.
2009-10-31 01:15:43
pm sent
2009-10-31 01:31:43
Got it and replied
2009-10-31 01:36:37
Well damn, im only on the list for a hood but i guess i cant pass up the trunk. ill take one of each please.
2009-10-31 01:39:22
Baldwin Park CA is the location for the CA guys to pick up. You are on the list and please leave a deposit of $200+3% for fees to be garunteed on the list guys. First 10 will get theirs asap
2009-10-31 01:49:28
Where do i send the moneys???
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