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Thread: CF Trunk Moved to Group Buy Section

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2009-11-02 21:17:54
So when can we expect to pay the remainder if we have already left a deposit? I assume I can pay him when I go pick it up? Which will beeee........?
2009-11-02 22:11:38
When they are done
When they are done
2009-11-03 00:32:10
Hopefully this one goes a little better than the 4 Fog Carbon Lip GB. In to keep up with the posts.
2009-11-03 01:06:23
Originally Posted by b13sr20BB
Hopefully this one goes a little better than the 4 Fog Carbon Lip GB. In to keep up with the posts.

We are awaiting a custom part that took longer than expected.... such is life. Not to clutter the thread... but I know Supercowboy will come through just like Alex (Morgans). I do not and did not expect it to be an overnight thing if anyone else was they are obviously disappointed.
2009-11-03 01:11:02
This will take time as well so dont expect me to make miracles happen either. If i had my choice I would buy them all first and then sell them but I dont have the money for that and need to work with the guy that is making them. This is a custom trunk that we don't really have much to go off with so everyone must remain patient
2009-11-03 02:56:02
Realistically, everyone should expect to see these no sooner than the end of January. Anything sooner than that is a bonus. Please don't start asking when they will be ready. Custom parts take time.
2009-11-03 02:59:37
thank you sir this will take time and we are pretty damn close to having the deposits needed to start these.
2009-11-03 03:10:20
Ok ok ok, I understand all this. I only ask because I dont want it to be 1 week till christmas and all of a sudden the remaing $400+ is due. Do you get where im coming from?

Just keep us updated as you have been so we know what to expect.

Thanks for taking this on BTW.
2009-11-03 03:13:57
I understand completely trust me and will try to time everything accordingly. I'm doing the trunks first to simplify everything. Hoods can be done at anytime but trunks are where we are lacking and need someone to step up.
2009-11-03 03:20:59
In group buy section now
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