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Thread: CF Trunk Moved to Group Buy Section

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2009-10-31 17:21:51
youll have my deposit by monday. By any chance do you know when he'll have these up and ready to start shipping?
2009-10-31 17:26:33
All depends on when the payments are in, the deposits should be in soon and that will speed up the process.
2009-10-31 17:55:29
Originally Posted by morgans432
haha hey if this goes well who knows what we will have next. Maybe fenders!?!?!

1) How much weight would you save with fenders? Not much is my guess. Fenders just don't weigh much.

Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
I am still buying a hood and trunk just want to make everyone aware the risks involved with running no center brake light. In a world where cops look for any excuse to pull you over I have to play devils advocate.

Originally Posted by morgans432
I want to run a 3rd brake light right in the middle of the trunk if possible, it might not be a huge one but it can be included.
Hoods will be clean and no washer nozzles hell I dont even have a bottle.

2) Have we figured this out yet? Is there another way to incorporate a center light? What about a clean install inside the car in the center-bottom of the rear window? I know some vehicles have the light in that placement. Is there another (Nissan) vehicle that incorporates a center light in such a manner? Could we "steal" one from a junkyard and install it?

Could washer nozzles be installed by the purchaser? Ie...if someone had skills (like my body-guy Sal, who did my Restoration) could they drill and install the nozzles?

Originally Posted by PWRDbyUNCLEbens
If you want a brake light you can steal one off of a non se-r sentra. I don't roll with a 3rd brake light now anyways.

4) Forgive my ignorance. Is that a 3rd brake light inside the rear window at the bottom/center? If the answer is "yes" that answers my question #2 above.

Originally Posted by sqd
if not, maybe we can create a paper template that will be included with each trunk to tell exactly where the holes should be drilled. imho, i think the inners look sweet and if i didn't already have a deck lid, i would opt for them.

Stephen, good to see you back around.

5) IMO, we have to have provisions for the inner tails. Either from the CF guy, or a template as discussed.

I am absolutely NOT running my vehicle with a "built in" reason for LEO's to pull me over. I have been arrested waaaaay too many times, and....how do I say this....sometimes I am...ahem..."ridin' dirty." Is that the correct youngster-terminology? I occasionally have...."things"....in my car that I do NOT want anybody with a badge looking for nor discovering. Like last night on the way home......

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Depending on a comparison weight i might be down for a CF trunk for a b13 as well but its gonna depend on how much lighter the CF one is compared to stock. If its worth the weight savings, im down, if not then ill pass.

I know the last ones that were made were only about 13 lbs lighter than stock, the stock trunk weighs something like 52+ lbs with inner tails. So 13 lb savings isnt a whole lot. We will have to see i guess. Still depending i might be down for one.

6) The weight savings is critical on my decision making process. I am NOT running CF on the outside of my vehicle. Any CF products (hood or trunk) will be painted OEM Nissan Superblack, and then installed on my vehicle. For me these products are all about weight savings. The only way you will know I have a CF hood is if I open it for you.

How light (approximately) are the proposed CF pieces? What is the weight savings over stock on each item?

Originally Posted by NissanGuy
i did check out the pages but are the hoods going to need pins???

Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
Most CF hood manufacturers do recommend the use of hood pins. There is a video of Jamie's red B14 illustrating exactly why they are recommended. Without the use of hood pins that thing would of flew up in a second..

7) Will the hoods have the proper mounting places for the stock OEM hood latch? And...then we should also install hood pins as a safety measure, correct?

That hurts the "stealth" factor a bit having hood pins. But it is not a "deal breaker." I have seen those hood pins that are flat, and have a locking mechanism built in. Aerocatch or something along those lines. If the hood was painted, and the hood pins were fairly "flat" (and black in my case) they would be reasonably stealthy.

Those are my questions. I may be able to swing the hood (probably), and I just might be able to add a trunk to my order (possible, not likely).


Shawn B
2009-10-31 18:01:51
Originally Posted by Shawn
Forgive my ignorance. Is that a 3rd brake light inside the rear window at the bottom/center? If the answer is "yes" that answers my question #2 above.

An ugly example, but you get the idea.
2009-10-31 18:22:24
b13 hood/trunk
put me down for b13 hood and maybe trunk. deposit will be sent this week. thanks alot
2009-10-31 18:26:23
Guys to give you an idea of how light the trunks are:

I have a b14 trunk in my basement in a box packaged correctly and it weighs 20lbs in the box. After looking at this one and the mold I saw how the guy did the inner tailights and the trunk release, we might have to do it from the CF guy. I'm going to take pictures and show you what I mean (this is on a b14 trunk so keep this in mind when looking at the pictures)

2009-10-31 18:26:45
Originally Posted by greezmonkey
put me down for b13 hood and maybe trunk. deposit will be sent this week. thanks alot

Deposit is only for the trunk
2009-10-31 18:30:03
deposit sent thanks alot.

2009-10-31 18:38:35
got it we are right on track people and this just started.
2009-10-31 19:41:05
i was going to ask you guys about making cf parts hood trunk finders doors anything.but it looks like the guy your useing has it cover good jod morgans432 for organizing this.
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