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Thread: CF Trunk Moved to Group Buy Section

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2009-10-29 19:38:47
CF Trunk Moved to Group Buy Section
Update- B13 trunks will be getting made first and we will so how that goes and than b14 trunks. Deposit of $206(includes the fees) FOR TRUNKS ONLY is due on November 15 for these or sooner if possible. As soon as we get 10 people deposited for the trunks he will begin to make them. WHEN SENDING MONEY PLEASE INCLUDE FORUM NAME THANK YOU

I have been in talks with a company out in California about the possible getting a group buy together for trunks FIRST than hoods for b13 sentras. After talking to them for the past 2 days we have come to a price and how many people will be needed for each model of car and the product. If we get 10 people for one model and not the other than we will only do that model. I need 10 people for each model to get these prices and if we get more we will most likely reduce the price. Carry a 5 year warranty from fading! If the hood starts to fade anywhere he will replace them with a new hood for free, these are quality pieces made here in the US not china crap.
Here is what they are made of and the features:
Grade A Carbon Fiber
1 Piece Solid Fiberglass Skeleton
UV Heat Resistant Protected Clear Coat
Rolled Carbon Fiber Edges
Direct Bolt On
Super Lightweight

Details on #'s and Price (Shipping Price is going to be a flate rate of $150)
B13- 10 people for the Hoods/Trunks
Hood Price-$240 plus shipping
Trunk Price- $410 plus shipping
B14 Will Come Later be Patient

Trunk Details as of Nov 1st:
At this point we are at 6 deposits and only need 4 more to be at 10 and complete the first payment. The trunks will be a blank canvas no inner tails, no keyhole nothing (this is as of right now could change depending on the CF guy) I'm trying to have include him include stencils so the buyer can put them in if needed. Its very hard to please everyone when making one off parts, if you want inner tails than you will be repsonsible for them. Its just how it has to be done for this to go efficiently and keep the cost down. The trunk will be dropped off by SQD this week, big ups to that man for helping out (he is a huge part in this so thank him as well)Thats all the updates I got I will be on here tomorrow after speaking with him and update this once again.
2009-10-29 19:46:58
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2009-10-29 19:53:06
for that price im down. Hell if they are in socal i can go pick it up rather than have them ship it and it possibly getting damaged. Just let me know when, Im down for sure. Been wanting one for a while and at that price you cant beat it.

BTW: for B13
2009-10-29 19:53:43
Here is a picture of the B13 Hood:
2009-10-29 19:55:31
thats a maxima
2009-10-29 19:55:55
B14 you can't forget the 200sx and sentra trunks are different... I could be down for a hood depending on shipping.
2009-10-29 19:56:31
Originally Posted by blurr.rt.by.you
thats a maxima

GOod point Blur i will see if he has a pic on the b14
2009-10-29 19:58:40
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
B14 you can't forget the 200sx and sentra trunks are different... I could be down for a hood depending on shipping.

Shipping to NJ is $150 and thats all the way across the US so that gives you an idea. If you have somebody thats local to you the hoods can possibly be shipped together to keep the price down.
I'm pretty sure that he will be doing both b14 and b13 trunks he just needs a trunk to make a mold of them and the rest is easy. I will probably speak to him tonight or in the morning and see what he has to say.
2009-10-29 20:01:00
im down for a b13 cf trunk!!!!!!
2009-10-29 20:01:42
I'm not going to miss out on another b13 cf trunk. Keep us posted, and keep my name in mind.
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