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Thread: I think my motor is done

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2009-10-30 00:01:59
yeah def has good enough compresion and no vacume line on the fpr will cause it to be really rich . Do as previos members have said and check the injectors for leaking . Your motor is still good dude .
2009-10-30 04:02:26
Yea the motor is good. Whatever the issue is, its because of that injector. I put it on cyl 3. Ran fine for a while and then it was back to 3 cylinders. Pulled the plug off of 3 and the idle (if you wanna call it that) did not change. I had no o rings to put on it when I took it out, Im gonna try and get a set after work tomorrow. (Although the o ring was not ripped or anything when I looked at it.) I hope this is the problem and the injector isnt bad or something. You highport guys are lucky, getting to the fuel rail on a lowport sucks! I'm just glad I didn't blow it up, I need to stop jumping to conclusions.
2009-10-30 04:03:35
And no the turbo is not on yet for anyone who was not clear on that.
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