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Thread: Anybody using eBay catback systems?

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2009-10-29 04:58:03
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
ya they include the shipping in the price honestly think about goin 3" if you have a ve.. you dont wanna make the same mistake i did.. when i get n1's im gonna upgrade to 3"

tell em lynchfourtwenty sent ya

Wow, that's badass, I was wandering about that when I was on their site earlier.

I really want to just put a 2.5 on it, but with the possibility of putting a 25G on it looming over my head, I think I probably should go with the 3".
2009-10-29 05:05:52
if you go turbo or even get n1 cams your gonna want 3" i should of got it myself, but i wasnt thinkin clearly at the time.. if you look through my project thread you will see the exhaust before an after i got it on the car.. i noticed a pretty big diff right away, i was runnin stock se-r exhaust at first..
2009-10-29 06:43:31
Yeah, I think that's what I'll probably do and then just paint it with some high temp ceramic paint to prevent corrosion.
2009-10-29 06:47:11
honestly i dont think it will corrode very quickly, i mean ya can paint it but i think this stuff will last every bit as long as the stock piping, maybe even longer.. but hell some paint couldnt hurt

like i said tho tell em lynch sent ya
2009-10-29 06:49:37
I'll get the aluminized piping cuz I'm cheap like that, and aluminized isn't exactly the most rust resistant. Factory stuff is supposed to be stainless.

And your exhaust sounds pretty good.
2009-10-29 06:55:09
ya i got the aluminized too, its decent stuff .. here in washington we see alot of rain tho, but i dont drive my car much in the rain.. so my exhaust wont wear out as much as others.. maybe when i get the 3" i will paint it.. since im gonna sell my 2.5 setup to my friend when i get a new header an 3" exhaust..

and thanks
2009-10-29 07:03:57
Yeah, it rains like crazy. I'm in Spokane, and it rains here all the time, especially now. Plus we get HAMMERED in the winter with snow.
2009-10-29 07:09:48
i hear that man, snow sucks.. my cars too low for snow, im not chancing denting my oil pan or scraping something off lol.. not to mention my air filter sticks out about an inch below the bumper lol i will take my cai off for winter cause i do have to drive it sometimes wheather its raining or not..

my gf's g20 is on its last legs.. it leaks oil, coolant and the cams are BADLY worn.. plus theres a knock or timing chain slap or something at like 2500 to 3000 rpms.. oh an it needs a clutch.. hopefully it lasts through winter.. but i seriously doubt it.. hopefully we can pull our selves out of the hole an i can get one of the 3 engines i have finished soon..
2009-10-29 16:36:56
I have everything to fix her car, minus the timing chain. gaskets, clutch, cams. All for a highport. lmk if you want them.
2009-10-29 17:24:24
3" for B13? I am looking for something cheap..

EDIT. **** didn't see the first post ahah
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