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Thread: sr20 NOOB needs help please.

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2009-10-26 19:56:28
sr20 NOOB needs help please.
Picked up a 1990 240sx with sr20 blacktop swap. the swap is somewhat clean. Problems our as followed
hesitation in 2nd. breaks up threw 4-6k in most gears. sometimes doesn't.
Its stock boost levels supposedly. no boost gauge but it feels slow so i would assume its stock levels. The SSQV blow off was hanging off pretty much when i got it had to tighten it down alot. Ive had turbo'd cars before, it feels like it needs a tune or maybe bad spark plugs. On stock boost levels it should be fine tho correct for tune?
any help is appreciated
ohh and IC pipes are all checked over and tigthened down.
2009-10-26 20:03:43
leak at the bov im betting. if they are not installed properly they will leak. Id do basic tuneup items and start from there.
2009-10-26 20:06:11
yea thats what im thinking because it stalls at idle sometimes as well which leads me to believe BOV is still leaking. Its so ghettofied on there. its a SSQV knock off on top of it. damm kid did the swap. Ill take a pic of it ull laugh
then im thinking spark plugs
u guys use the bkr7s right ?
2009-10-26 20:08:01
yes, im betting thats what it is. Id just get rid of it and put something else on there. Yeah it may sound cool when working properly but its such a pain.
2009-10-27 03:04:13
if its stalling at idle perhaps your injectors are getting clogged as well.
2009-10-30 16:28:06
got everything fixed but the stalling out
2009-10-30 16:34:22
and hooked up boost gauge its 6lbs of boost
2009-10-30 16:42:27
Have you performed the factory "set idle" procedure?
2009-10-30 18:38:32
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Have you performed the factory "set idle" procedure?

no could u point me to it ?
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