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Thread: Compression Test question

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2010-04-09 14:31:16
Nope. It's pretty damn hard to rotate the engine by hand since the compression stroke is going to fight you tooth and nail, anyway.

If they're all within 10% of eachother, and there's no more than 10% from the highest to the lowest reading, your fine. It doesn't matter if the gauge tells you your compression is 300psi on each cylinder, what matters is that they match.

I would still suggest that you go find another tester, though. I used three different testers and they ALL reported between 135 and 140 psi with my DE+T build. Those are VERY low compression numbers, especially with a DE block.
2010-04-09 21:46:19
The proper way to do a compression test on a nissan is as follows.
1) warm car to normal operating temp(not to hot or to cold)
2) remove fuel pump fuse
3) start car and allow fuel pump lines to be cleared
4) attempt to start car a few times after it stalls
5) remove all spark plugs
6) disconnect distributor at harness
7) Hold the gas pedal down
8) crank car until the highest reading is reached
9) repeat on each cylinder
2010-04-09 21:47:22
stock compression on a 9:5:1 de is 178psi.
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