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Thread: B13 wipers problem

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2009-10-22 00:05:11
B13 wipers problem
The car have problems with the int, low and high positions. The switch are good, i check this with other B13. With my power probe i check the wiper motor and work and the fuse and all is good. I believe this chasis have a little "black box" on the passenger site, right on the dash board and this work with the wipers positions. I check this but i can't found this box.
2009-10-22 19:57:58
You can't reach it with removing the lid with the little tweezer and fuse layout. You need to remove the 4 screws and pull that part of the interrior.

You will see 2 black thingies, the square on is the wiper relay.
2009-10-22 23:57:36
Man you have pics? I can't found this...
2009-10-23 01:20:05
Pics? Ehmm no. I just took out the cabling on the scrap car so that pic wont work and I'm not gonna remove 4 screws under the steering wheel to show the wiper relay.

Take that little panel out to get to the drivers side fuse 'box' and ask youself how you would pull the 3 blue relays.

When you found out what I was writing, you also found your square formed black thingie which happens to be the wiper relay.

*Hands Philips screwdriver to alfsentra*
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