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Thread: SR20DET Bottom End Question

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2009-10-19 00:35:54
SR20DET Bottom End Question
I'm planning a pretty big build on an S13 Red Top SR20DET for a project of mine, I'm hoping to see it land between 300-350HP.

question is.... at that kind of horsepower, is the bottom end going to hold together? (keep in mind, this will be a weekend/summer driver). Or is a stronger bottom end absolutely needed. Thanks in advance!

2009-10-19 00:40:47
First off, welcome to the forum.

Secondly, stock bottom ends will hold 400whp no problem. Some even handle much more on factory bottom ends.

Lastly, this belongs in the Turbo section
2009-10-19 01:42:42
well there's a lot more I plan to do besides a Turbo upgrade.

I figured since I wasn't asking about the turbo itself and just a general engine question that this would be alright.

thanks for the info and the welcome!
2009-10-19 13:06:20
for me its a toss up becuase yea the block is stable at higher whp stock. however if you are going to invest money into the rest of the engine, why not build the block too? for me its just piece of mind, and now days rods and pistons arent that expensive.

but yea stock blocks can handle a good ammount of power
2009-10-19 14:15:49
good point, and I likely will put some money into the bottom end in time.
But as long as I know it is driveable at that horsepower with a stock rotating assembly, then we're good for now

thanks guys!
2009-10-19 15:34:02
yeah stock motor is very good at those levels, very reliable as long as your using the proper size turbo and have a good tune.

But yeah like they said if your gonna build it why not do at the very least a set of CP's and maybe Eagle Rods. Its fairly inexpensive to do. That mixed with a full set of ACL race main and rod bearings and your bottom end will be as reliable as they come.

Thats what im using for my bottom end and i daily drive the car with 400+whp and beat on it daily on pump gas. I was at 461whp when i go out to the track with 110 octane in the tank but i should be around the 460whp on pump gas and 550whp or so on race gas with my new mods.

Im using CP 8.5:1 86.5mm pistons, eagle rods, ACL Bearings, VE oil pump, Cosworth headgasket, Golden Eagle B16a head studs and so far its been very very reliable.
2009-10-19 21:14:57
right on then. makes me feel a lot better about this build. With that kind of horsepower what's your top end set-up? gives me some starting points.

I figure a turbo/plumbing upgrade, intake, injectors, cams, and full exhaust should be a good route to start with.... from what I hear getting into head work isn't so much worth the money it takes?
2009-10-19 21:26:06
Most red top det's that are stock usually are not in the best of condition internally. They are usually high mileage and worn down. For 300-350 whp stock det pistons and rods will hold up fine on a good tune, but a stock rebuild will help it last. I think though if you ever plan on going higher than lets say......420whp then maybe you should consider throwing in some forged pistons and rods.
2009-10-19 21:27:26
Bone stock highport JDM DE head, stock valves, stock valve springs, w/ JWT S4 cams.

8k rpm rev limiter all day long.

Motor has seen above 9k a couple times when my 3rd and 4th gear broke on different occasions. haha. Didnt even throw a rocker or break anything. Thank God, haha
2009-10-19 21:33:18
ive seen 400-450 whp on bone stock det's not even rebuilds just a stock motor with cams and a turbo setup

but if the motor is already out and you have the $ do pistons rods and bearings the time will come when you want to make even more power (it always does) and then youll have to pull it all apart you better off doing it now
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