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Thread: I wasn't aware anyone made aftermarket oil pans

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2009-10-18 02:23:47
I wasn't aware anyone made aftermarket oil pans
Is this for real?

Moroso 20975 - Moroso Street/Strip Oil Pans - Application - SummitRacing.com
2009-10-18 02:32:41
sooo ummmmmmmmm how do you bolt that thing up?????? yeah i could be retarded

Edit: http://www.moroso.com/catalog/categorydisplay.asp?catcode=11995

rwd applications summit doesn't know how to catalog stuffffff and i still don't understand how you're supposed to get your hand in there
2009-10-18 02:47:11
Lol yeah there's no telling.
2009-10-18 05:02:35
it should be for a rwd don't know why they are listing it for a nx
2009-10-18 06:43:29
Originally Posted by nogr1p
it should be for a rwd don't know why they are listing it for a nx

BeCaUsE aLl Sr20s R t3H RWD yO!!! We R dRivInG kIt CaRz cUZ wE cOnVeRtEd OuR sR mOtOrS 2 FwD!!!!!111one!!!

Jesus that was hard to type.
2009-10-18 14:45:39
it also says 1952cc and not 1998cc so what's that for?
2009-10-18 14:46:28
Someone should call them up and ask.
2009-10-18 15:44:05
That's for a RWD SR. Four of the bolts are "inside" the pan, and there are plugs at the bottom that thread out so you can get to them.

I had one of these on my car this summer but could never get it to seal properly. That aside, the plugs-to-get-to-the-bolts method is a STUPID design. No matter how long you let it drain, when you remove those plugs you get oil all over yourself (they go straight up into the bottom of the pan) and you end up losing 1/2 to 3/4 of a quart of oil, which sucks if you've only just put it in the engine and you plan to re-use it.
2009-10-18 16:30:04
Just looking at the description, the kickouts are described as driver and passenger sided. Obviously a RWD. Kickouts on a pan for a FWD with that annoying crossmember would be required to be front and rear..
2009-10-19 04:36:02
fuk that sh1t... Ritt went threw some sh1t
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