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Thread: help: steering wheel and left front tire wobbles .

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2009-10-12 20:25:52
help: steering wheel and left front tire wobbles .
My steering wheel wobbles at high speed (above 70mph) sometimes wobbles at low speed, sometimes doesn't wobble at any speed, and sometimes wobbles only when I press the gas pedal.
And feels like the left front tire wobbles too , in curves wobbles too much.

I was thinking that was the tire, but I replaced and still wobbles.

Any idea?? Wheel bearing? Driveshaft??

2009-10-12 20:36:27
Probably wheel bearing. Checked your rotors for warping?

Jack up the car and shake the wheel up and down (pushing at 12 and 6) and left to right (pushing at 3 and 9), if you've got wobble it's time for a new bearing. It's a bit pricey, but Greg V can hook you up with your best bet, and you'll need a press unless you're handy with a sledge and God knows what else. Ask Vadim.
2009-10-12 22:07:40
My bearing is bad too, I am going to just pull the lowest mileage hub i can at the junkyard for $50.

Bearings from Greg used to be $45, now its over $80 for one side complete.

2009-10-12 23:01:18
yeah i'm getting a helicopter sound that gets faster w/ speed , in my P11...
2009-10-14 01:46:10
I was checking the suspension and the left shock looks blowed... its a kyg AGX, and when I move the tire up and down, the adjust damping bolt moves (look image)

And feels loose and make a noise (like leak).

The other side (right side shock) doesn't move, and doesn't make a noise.

Can the wobbles be a cause of a blowed shock?
2009-10-14 04:23:14
I think you've got a culprit. Sad thing is, that's probably easier to replace than changing a wheel bearing without a press.
2009-10-22 01:45:41

After check the wheel bearing like arcangel187 says.
I noticed that the front left CV Half-Shaft was stained with grease.
I remove the cv boot, and found this.

can be this the culprit??
2009-10-22 02:23:24
Well clearly you need to replace your cv joint as well as fix your strut moving about there, that is not good. It is possible if your cv joint is blown for it to cause a ticking noise, and possibly shake your wheel. However it is still suggested you remove your axle from the hub and try turning the spindle by hand and see if the bearing feels smooth. It should!

Best of luck.

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