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Thread: Can't get the head studs out.

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2008-01-21 01:42:43
Can't get the head studs out.
As it says. They won't even budge. Is there a trick or just twist and hope they don't snap? Help please. I need to get it off tonight so I can get the head in to the shop.
2008-01-21 01:50:21
Breaker bar
2008-01-21 01:55:38
yea, breaker bar with the handle of a jack on it for extra leverage

or an impact gun
2008-01-21 01:56:25
+ Wheaties. (2 bowls)

2008-01-21 01:59:07
Originally Posted by Chriscar
+ Wheaties. (2 bowls)


That's a must!
2008-01-21 02:19:09
I tried the Wheaties first. Ok back to it then. Thanx.
2008-01-21 03:39:36
It's off. woohoo. Looks like crap under there too. Take it to the shop and see what they say now.
2008-01-21 17:53:12
Well, now I wish I wouldn't have gotten the studs out. Took it to the shop and found out that it's warped 5/1000's on top and 9/1000's on the bottom. I can have it straightened or rebuilt. If they just do the straightening then I can never have is resurfaced so I think the rebuild is the way to go. What ya think?
2008-01-21 17:54:45
can you hve then retap it for larger headstuds?
2008-01-21 18:30:26
It's not the studs that are the issue. It's the entire head. The top and bottom surfaces are warped. I called a couple shops and it will cost the same to rebuild it as it will to buy another one. That is if anyone can find another one.
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