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Thread: Oil pan gasket

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2009-09-21 04:03:16
I'm just worried about that stuff.

1. Cork/fiber gasket seems to seep/sweat oil over time - I've seen this with cars that use that stuff from the factory.
2. Rubber gasket stands a chance of melting.

I need to find something that'd avoid these issues. Then I could try my hand at cutting a gasket.
2009-09-21 04:06:54
Originally Posted by Rittmeister
I've also consider using a dremel to cut a shallow groove into the mating flange on the pan; the stock pan has the groove, the Freddy did too, but the Tomei pan and now the Moroso pan don't, and they're the ones I can't get to work.

... ok... now this is something to think about............. giv me a minute
2009-09-21 04:09:39
hand cutting a gasket

now this is a 2 stage thing but.. bare with me

silicone on bottom side of gasket facing the pan itself
silicone on top of the gasket aiming up to the block

very thin on laying thee sealant.. like the stream elmers glue shoots out.. is this an idea or am i fukin crazy?
2009-09-21 04:13:32
It occurred to me too. You're just talking about putting sort of a skim coat of RTV on both sides of a gasket, yes? If I can find a gasket I had actually planned to do this.

All I need is a wacko aftermarket gasket (remember, this is a RWD SR, never sold in America) or gasket material that fits my above criteria.
2009-09-21 05:25:29
Gonna Have To Make It Bro... it should work in theory...
2009-09-21 06:34:14
I would try that highport gasket. It looks like the RWD pan.
2009-09-21 11:01:02
The pictures of the gasket have a cutout on the corner, which the RWD pan doesn't have... I really don't think it would fit.
2009-09-22 01:09:41
I tried to use that felpro gasket from autozone on a 96 LowPort motor, and the shape is not the same as the pan.
2009-09-22 01:18:55
At a guess, that gasket is for the earlier hi-port engine.

I've found a shop local to me that says they can cut a gasket for me out of high-temp silicone sheet (same stuff they make couplers out of). I'll report back in a few days.
2009-09-22 19:01:55
waitn for updates if pics are available that would be like fukin awesome
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