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Thread: Oil pan gasket

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2009-09-20 20:07:51
Oil pan gasket
Yes, I know Nissan calls for RTV. Hear me out.

I've been having problems getting the lower oil pan to seal properly on my S13 SR. I understand Fel-Pro makes a gasket for the FWD SR - has anyone tried it? If so, what were your experiences - did it start to leak after a while?

If I can find out about this, maybe there's hope I can find a RWD gasket...

Thanks in advance.
2009-09-20 20:11:12
did you check and see if your lip is bent?
2009-09-20 21:10:55
That's not it.

Please stick to the question - I'm trying to find out about the gasket that's supposedly available from FelPro.
2009-09-20 21:17:53
email felpro and ask them i would work if the oil and on the rwd sr is the same designed as the fwd i don't see why i would not work
2009-09-20 22:50:21
felpro has the worst website ever. I can't even find an application guide.

The RWD and FWD oil pans are not the same. That's why I'm wondering about what experience someone may have had with the FWD gasket - if it's positive, I'll look harder for a RWD gasket. If not, I may not bother.
2009-09-20 23:26:37
try gspce im shore they can get you a oem pan gasket
2009-09-20 23:58:36

-THERE IS NO OEM GASKET. This is common knowledge.
-Nissan specifies the use of RTV.
-I am having problems with RTV, despite everything else being OK and never having had this issue before.
-Therefore, I am trying to find a gasket.
-Felpro makes a gasket for the FWD SR.
-I would like to know if anyone has used it, and if so, how it went.
-If it went well, I'll go about locating a RWD gasket.
-If it went badly, I'll give up and live with the leak.

While I'm being pedantic, it's "sure" - not "shore."

Please read up. You are not helping.
2009-09-21 00:28:34
sry bro g\l
2009-09-21 00:30:00
I don't know that FELPRO actually makes an oil pan gasket for the RWD SR.

The shops that I frequent don't even bother to order one, which makes me suspect that there isn't one. I only say this because if there's a gasket available, they generally use it on every make/model car.
2009-09-21 00:36:00
Confirmed -

The only gasket available from FELPRO is for the GA16DE powerplant.

What about the CA18DET gaskets? I've never seen a CA18, so I don't know how different it is from the SR20DET.
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