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Thread: Slick puncture

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2009-09-16 23:20:06
Slick puncture
Is it ok to repair or do i need to just get a new one?
2009-09-17 00:41:01
What size is it? You can more than likely get a tube and be fine.
2009-09-17 01:26:18
A patch should work fine if it's not near the corners.
2009-09-17 02:32:10
Slicks size are 22x8x13 m&h racemaster. It's puncture about 2 inches from the corner. Does it matter if i use tube on one and not the other?
2009-09-17 03:12:47
put a plug

just saying lol
2009-09-17 04:40:45
I don't think a plug/patch will work very well on slicks. I've actually tried it before. They're too soft and flex too much.

At the same time I don't think they make a tube for slicks that size. I'll look though.
2009-09-17 04:52:10
Yeah M&H only makes BIG ones, and the smallest MT makes is for 24.5's.
2009-09-17 07:01:54
You may could look at motorcycle slicks for a tube?
Try Phoenix Slicks or maybe tubes?
If not you could always try a patch but like Aaron said it probably wont work for long.
2009-09-17 13:33:23
The problem with a motorcycle patch would be the 13" wheel.
2009-09-17 16:15:33
Looks like i'm gonna just have too replace it.
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