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Thread: HELP! bird stuck in dashboard!

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2008-01-19 15:16:06
HELP! bird stuck in dashboard!
now i got your Attention;

would a sticky/almost seized up speedo cable ''squeak" ???its driving me nuts and i think its from this sub-zero weather here.....
2008-01-19 15:35:44
if it is sticky your speedo cable will be erratic and stuck the speedo wont work at all. i would say its maybe sumfing dats a bit loose that vibrating abd squeaking
2008-01-19 15:35:44
Uhh... Yes, Pedro, it would.

You COULD have just posted a thread with the title matching the intended topic, though. Really shouldn't jinx yourself like that, it COULD happen someday.
2008-01-19 18:28:25
What do you mean sub-zero. It was -11 when i got in my car this morning, thats nice weather man!

PS Lure the bird out with some bird seed, then beat it with a stick and tell it not to do it again. <= kind of like that but a little more violent.
2008-01-19 18:38:25
^ lmao

i had a chipmunk in my air vent thing once
2008-01-20 15:40:05
I had a pilot come into the shop one day with a complaint of "There's a clicking noise when I turn on the a/c and it smells like dead animal in my car." I pulled out the blower motor and there was a 1 lb rat in it with its front paw sticking out through one of the slats. Every time the motor went around, the paw would "click" against a peice of plastic outside the blower motor. It smelled AWFUL!
2008-01-20 16:13:16
The early mechanical speedo cables get old and fail pretty often. They start to make noise when cold, the speedo needle gets erratic, and soon they just break. Once you know this is what is wrong, the fix is to replace the speedo cable with a nice new one. This is a minor PITA and requires accessing the back of the instrument panel and also removing/replacing the other end of hte cable in the tranny. I'm sure lots of us here have done this, so search for guidance and come back with specific questions if you need to. It's an art form -- and small hands help as well as skinny arms.

My 1991 cable broke about a year ago at 130,000 miles.
2008-01-21 04:29:53
Sounds like your blower motor. Check to se eif the bird chirps go away at a higher blower speed.
2008-01-24 01:47:31
its got to be the speedo....cuz it jumps aroung like +/- 10 mph after 40 mph....
2008-01-24 02:59:25
So does your alternator and amperage. The blower could be blowing faster as the rpms rise. Just check for me, cause it does sound like the blower.
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