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Thread: Oil leak from transmission vent tube.

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2009-09-13 17:07:38
I have the same issue and it just recently started happening after about 12K miles after I put my new turbo on. I always fill through the fill hole and its always a little under 4 quarts so its obviously not an overfilling issue.

Im not too worried as I will be slapping a new tranny in soon.
2014-07-18 04:51:20
Bumping this old thread because I had this happen to me today.
car is relatively new to me and I have fixed numerous leaks since getting it.That being said,I have been watching it closely and there has been ZERO leaks since anywhere until today.
I went on a highway trip today for a couple hours.Car ran fine,but I noticed the trans was leaking really badly under the car on the drivers side.
I have recently replaced the axle seals and they are bone dry,so I was a little confused.
S0 when I got home I opened the hood to degrease it all and try to diagnose the leak,and found something interesting.
There was trans oil on the frame rails under the master cyl,and spalshed up as far as the firewall up by the cowl!!

Well,I found the trans vent tube is not the "hooked" one like OEM,but a straight hose that was sort of laying on the frame rail under the brake booster area.
I relocated it to point up instead and cleaned it all up under there....but I need to take a long trip again tomorrow so I need to really keep an eye on it.

Its not overfilled to my knowledge,so I am wondering what would cause this? Maybe just the position of the hose not pointing up?
The car is boosted and I was running around 80-100 mph on the trip I took most of the way.
Any input or previous experiences would be greatly appreciated before I grenade a trans
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