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Thread: Oil leak from transmission vent tube.

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2009-09-11 21:36:06
Oil leak from transmission vent tube.
I was driving on the turnpike today and I started smelling a weird burnt oil scent. I pulled over and I checked under the hood. At first I didn't find anything but as I looked under the car I saw oil on the frame of the car going all the way back. I also saw 2 oil droplets on the front sway bar. I looked under the hood again and I saw that the vent tube was hanging down and when I moved it tranny fluid leaked out freely.

I just did a clutch job about 2-3 weeks ago. I wasn't driving this car much and when I did I wouldn't smell anything. It just happened today. I'm on the side of the road scared of driving the car cause I don't want to drive with no tranny fluid.

Why would oil be coming out of the vent tube? The only thing I can think of is too much tranny fluid but if it was that I would have leaked oil on my trip to port saint lucie which is about 100 miles away.

Sorry if the post is cramme I'm posting from my phone.
2009-09-11 21:42:15
so its leaking out of the top of the tranny? if thats the case i think you would have way too much in there. i thought your just suppose to be level with the filler hole on the front side.
2009-09-11 21:58:05
Yeah that's what I thought at first. But if that was the case why didn't it come out before? I'm going to look under my car again
2009-09-11 21:58:51
Did you unscrew the fill hole and put your finger in there and feel the oil? If you unscrew the fill hole and oil leaks out you have too much, it should be leveled or right below the screw.
2009-09-11 22:03:22
Yes I did unscrew it. It leaked out of the hole a little bit when we were filling it.
2009-09-12 15:52:24
Of course this is not recommended but I would trust on quite low oil levels in a gearbox, driving it home safely and going easy on it.
2009-09-12 21:07:25
jack the car up as high as you can get it from the front.... get your self some plumbers tape take out the screw and wrap it and re install. You should be good.
2009-09-13 03:47:54
Honestly you should just be putting in the proper amount in the tranny (i think 4 quarts, iirc) and that should be that.
2009-09-13 09:28:42
4qts is to much... its a little over 3.
2009-09-13 12:14:13
I just put however much it takes until it starts coming out of the fill hole, and then i put the fill plug back in. Been doing that for like 6 years on these SE-R's now.....
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