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Thread: Bad ignitor?!?!

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2008-01-18 17:31:48
Bad ignitor?!?!
kk so this swap thing is starting to get REALLY annoying.i own a b13 and im putting a jdm sr20de in it.i have the motor in and all ....the motor starts and runs but with one problem, i have no spark to cyln 3 at all what so ever.
at first i thought it may have been the dizzy since i bought it from somebody and i had no real proof if it really worked or not so i bought a new cap & rotor to get some of the tune up over with and still nothing

so i then ordered another one and got it today (thanks to daveracer for the really fast shipping ). so i plug everything up and what ..still nothing same problem even with a new cap & rotor no spark to cylinder 3

by this time today i got a little worried thinking WTF is going on that both dizzy are giving me problems at same cylinder?....so i ordered a new(rebuilt one from nissan) and still nothing same problem .i was wondering if the Ignitor chip would have anything to do with this and if so does anybody on long island have it ? i don;t feel like asking greg v or any other vendor unless im going to be able to receive it ASAP so please somebody help me out ..i might just get a new one if this is the problem
2008-01-18 18:03:14
2008-01-18 18:08:18
Are you getting fuel? Try switching out a wire on the #3 cylinder, if that doesn't work do a compression test...
2008-01-18 18:16:04
yes im getting fuel..i even drew out a pic of a test i did

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