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2008-01-18 18:33:52
I think I should wait a bit before replacing my sludge monster
2008-01-18 19:58:20
Originally Posted by fro20
They are always posting on Freshalloy. They been making the bellhousing adapter for z32 tranny for awhile and been offering very high quality services for a while too, mostly used by the RWD crowd. IIRC their 9 sec car was on 86-87mm bore too. No need to bore for major power on a street car unless you want the tq.

Their engines are very expensive and worth it.

The car was on a 86.5 bore.
2008-01-18 21:30:47
They got pretty fast shipping too.
2008-01-18 22:58:14
Yea, IIRC their 9s car is not much bigger than stock.

I think they finally got a new headgasket for that bore, but that SR25 is nothing to mess with. Mike and all them are pretty honest guys, they do work for almost everyone in the area.
2008-01-18 23:17:05
They should be making alot more power this year, I talked Mark into getting a VE head and he is already getting parts for it with oversized vales and stuff like that
2008-01-19 00:02:03
i will be sending them a ve motor and have them do their thing with it. i spoke with mark earlier today and he deff knows his ****.

2008-01-19 02:32:47
definitly would be badas to have them build a motor
2008-08-18 17:05:39
How exactly do you make a 2.5L sr20?
2008-08-18 17:12:09
Originally Posted by RedDragun
How exactly do you make a 2.5L sr20?

92MM more with the 91mm strock
2008-08-18 17:34:04
Originally Posted by Keo
92MM more with the 91mm strock

92mm pistons and 91mm crank = 2.419L . Thats a 2.4

92mm Pistons and 94mm crank = 2.499L Thats a 2.5
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