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Thread: Can Axel cause Gearbox Problems?

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2008-01-17 19:06:45
Can Axel cause Gearbox Problems?
Okay, i have a Sr20 conversion, the gearbox inner axel, im sure you all know the bracket that goes around the axel that bolts on to the engine block. Well i couldnt get the bracket for the right side axel so we built a bracket to bolt on to the block, not sure if it is 100% straight, it looks and bolts on perfectly. but u could never tell...would that by chance cause any problems? cause so far, my flywheel broke and my clutch the centre spline was cleaned out! not sure if it is due to the clutch and flywheel being outside in the rain for sometime before i placed it in the car, and was jus weak due to rain and stuff.
2008-01-17 19:14:55
that's really weird. it seems like if the axle is off center, it would destroy the axle and/or LSD first. then tracing it back, maybe the final drive, then maybe a gear stack, then finally the input shaft, then FINALLY after that, the clutch/flywheel.

doesn't seem very plausible without all the other damage first. so i don't think it's your axle causing the problem.
2008-01-17 19:30:19
it can definitly mess up your gear box or cause gear box problems esp if they are off center
2008-01-17 21:12:07
okay then col thanks sqd and GT2871, well i never got any gearbox problems other than the clutch and flywheel, whcih was used on a DET which use to get REALLL ROUGH UP! and then it jus sat outside in the yard some months. maybe due to rain and stuff, it got weak.
2008-01-17 21:20:32
did you get the flywheel turned before you instaled it? and was the clutch pressure plate and disc rusted any? that will definitly give you major clutch problems.
2008-01-17 22:30:17
yea it was kinda rusty, the pressure plate that is,
so if the pressure plate is a bit rusty i shud clean it before installing it back into the gearbox?
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