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Thread: Highport throttle cable relocation?

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2009-08-27 16:01:51
Highport throttle cable relocation?
Tried searching for this and came up with nothing. I know there's threads on it, but I can't seem to find them now. I have the intake manifold out at the moment and would like to hide the throttle cable while I'm in there. Anyone know where I can find a write up?
2009-08-27 16:41:26
You don't need the manifold off, nor do you want to run the throttle cable in any complicated way.

Reason for this is, if it's too tied up, then you will have a hard pedal to push, or barely opening throttle.

2009-08-27 18:03:49
I didn't take the manifold off specifically for this. I have it off for cleaning/paint and thought I would do this while I'm at it.
2009-08-28 04:48:33
You just have to make sure it's not going to move on you and that once it's in place it's not being pulled/pushed on by anything. After that, just re-adjust the tension nuts so your throttle still works normally. Here's a pic of what I did. I just rerouted it in back, but if you have the IM off you might even be able to go underneath it? You can also remove the VC bracket for it and put it someplace else (I put it on the back side in an extra hole on the IM).

2009-08-28 06:30:36
I ended up routing it over towards the brake booster, then back around along the firewall. Then looped back to the throttle body. I'll post pics tomorrow. I did use the cable bracket from the front of the valve cover, and relocated it to the brake master to hold the cable in place.
2009-08-28 15:12:35
I got sick of the long ass one on the NX. I just shortened it and routed it like Danja.
2009-08-28 17:08:04
Originally Posted by jere
I got sick of the long ass one on the NX. I just shortened it and routed it like Danja.

Tips on shortening the cable? Sorry, never done that before.
2009-08-28 23:08:39
Sure, you will need an angel grinder or dremel, some lead solder (and flux) or cable ends from home depot, propane torch, hammer, razor blade knife, and some needle nose pliers.

Disconnect the cable from the TB ( I was lazy and left the rest on the line connected to the gas pedal)

Figure out where everything is going to be mark it.

With your dremel cut where you want the lead end to go, the end of the cable. ( this will make a nice clean end with out wires going everywhere)

Strip the rubber coating off from the end to where the threaded piece is going to go.

This part is tricky, you don't want to cut the cable but you need to cut just a little of the cables spiral metal casing. ( if all else fails here you can always use a string or something IMO but just try to be careful)

Next work the threaded end off of the first part you cut off. If it is stuck smash the casing a bit with the hammer so it collapses and pulls out easy. The pliers will come in handy here

Put the threaded end and all the little pieces back on to the section you are moving it to. I hit mine with the hammer lightly after it was back on to keep it in place.

Then all you have to do is dip the end of the cable in some flux and build up solder untill you have a new end. Or you can use the cable end from home depot and just hammer it and file or dremel a little until everything fits without snagging once back in place
2009-08-29 00:39:18

I just ran the cable behind the manifold and made sure it doesn't interfere with my powersteering pump pulley. very easy mod.
2009-08-29 00:50:10
Thanks. Here is a quick picture I snapped tonight. It's a bit bright, but you can kinda see where the cable goes. There's also a picture below of where I relocated one of the cable brackets.

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