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Thread: Replaced Starter Now Grinding?

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2009-08-25 01:29:21
Replaced Starter Now Grinding?
This is a continue from the post http://www.sr20-forum.com/general-sr20/21439-nissan-sentra-1997-wont-start.html

Car Starting Up (Video 1) Video Starting With the OEM Starter from Nissan. (Which didn't work anymore)

So we go to AutoZone pick up this starter (AutoZone.com | | Starter | REMAN IMPORT STARTER)

After that it ran for about 1 day the next day it wouldn't start & would make a vacuum like sound (which is this video here)
Car Starting With New Starter From AutoZone Part 1 (Video 2)

So we went to AutoZone again to get a replacement it started up fine but then you hear grinding noise when it starts.
Which is this video Grinding Video Sound Part 2 (Video 3).

So we go to AutoZone again and get another one and what do you know some problem with grinding?!...
Which is this video Grinding Video Sound Part 2 (Video 3) (Same As Above).

(Just wanted to Clear things up if anyone was confused.. (Also my dad was saying that he's going to put that V-Brace thing on that he removed from the 1st Nissan OEM starter.)

He believes that it's suppose to hold it in place or something? i don't know but he wanted it off...

Anyone know what happened? (did AutoZone's bull-crap starters kill my flywheel or something?)

(By the way, I read about the shim stuff don't know about it tho...???? if its some kinda tool your suppose to get then no i don't have it.)

Thank You For Reading!
2009-08-25 02:47:37
Go to Nissan and buy a factory starter. Autozone starters suck balls. The bracket doesn't mean anything. I usually take those off and throw them in the recycle bin.

WTF is on your fender?
2009-08-26 03:46:49
sounds like your starter isnt making a good connection on the flywheel also know has the starter walking. make sure you have it in there correctly and for the love of god get rid of that rice crap you have on there.
2009-08-28 17:20:55
Still not sure what the cause of this problem is..

But I went to a local "AAMCO" they did a External Diagnostic.

This is what the paper says.

The external disgnostic revealed that the transmission fluid level is ok and the condition is with a burnt odor. transmission shifts fine at this time. needs 3 mounts and oil change and transmission service a computer scan revealed the following codes. P0420 - Catalyst System Below Threshold, P0446 - EVAP EMISSON SYSTEM VENT CONTROL CIRCUT. The following service(s) is recommended: safeguard service / power purge,mounts and oil change.

So now basically to add to the grinding problem there's more.

(More concerned about the grinding.)

1.Grinding At Start.
2.Oil Change.
3.3 Mounts.
4.Whatever I need to fix P0420.
5.Whatever I need to fix P0446.

So anyone got any more help for me about the grinding?

(Also "morgans432" what rice crap are you talking about exactly?)

(And "BORNGEARHEAD" um.. if your talking about the silver/black thing its a car accessory or something from AutoZone or PepBoys, Anyway Why Do You Ask? (my brother put it on there).
2009-08-28 17:55:06
I've been meaning to pass along this info. Andreas has $50 used Nissan starters.

He may have an automatic one for you (if they are in fact, different, Dre will know).
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