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Thread: engine degreasing

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2008-01-18 03:32:36
Well here is an idea guys. I have pressure washed the engine bay of two of my sentras. It works great and removes stuff that you would thing you need chemicles for. I was hesitant to do this the first time but if you are smart it can do wonders. Smart being dont shoot the directly at the dizy or batery. I have never covered anything up but that sounds like a good idea non the less. Now I have shot my alternator but I also let the car sit and dry for a day too before I started it. Alternator looked new afterwards. You will find after you have presure washed your engine bay once you most likely will never have to do it again. All you have to do is maintain it with Armoral as Sentrixx said.
2008-01-18 06:10:56
theres this stuff called LA's amazing degreaser, its better than simple green and its at the dollar store i would hit the engine with someof that if you have a dollar store by you, it works WONDERS
2008-01-18 17:10:46
I need a pressure washer...
2008-01-20 07:08:47
hey guys I have a friend in Fl that details car as a hobby,,, he uses a NON-acid spray on the entire engine compartment(after covering with plastic bags around the important spots) lets it sit for few seconds then high pressure rinse's it off then uses engine spray detail to make it shine.. works great,,, on greasy engine compartments it may take a few times but it really does a good job. after that easy to maintain..
2008-01-20 10:45:37
Can of GUNK and a high power pressure hose,I cover nothing at all and go to town on it i have ppl looking at me will that car start when your finished?? I say its a Nissan not a Honda.I tried that with my girls Mitsubishi Galant and it acted up she almost killed me lol,But my NX starts up fine after i finish washing itI never tried it on my B14 yet.
2008-01-20 14:13:06
With my experiences of pressure washing the engine bay, I've blowned my alternator once, and that was cause I was a freakin rookie. Most of you guys gave great advice on this, but I think you all fail to realize one VERY important thing.........drive your car for a while so the engine bay can be hot....a hot engine means that the water from the pressure wash will evaporate QUICKLY...which means less chances for that water to sit and get into places it shouldn't. Along with being careful not to get the alternator and batter wet, I HIGHLY recommend you make sure the engine is nice and hot before spraying it down.
2008-01-20 17:16:16
WoW you serious? I NEVER EVER warm up my engine bay for fear of warping something or flash cooling stuff causing it to crack....but ya cover the ALT and the DIST should be good after that
2008-01-20 19:44:34
I think thats probably the reason my car starts after washing it its normaly hot when i get to the wash.When i had my supra and washed it out alot of water used to be inside the plug holes and cause the car to idle rough afterwards.My NX never gave me that problem SHIFT_sweet ride..
2008-01-20 21:36:02
Originally Posted by Masik
WoW you serious? I NEVER EVER warm up my engine bay for fear of warping something or flash cooling stuff causing it to crack....but ya cover the ALT and the DIST should be good after that

I completely agree!

After yes... but before... NEVER. You can crank your intake mani... Valve ocver and header
2008-01-21 01:01:53
i always cover the alt, dizzy, and valve cover.

-i have killed an alt before from cleaning the engine...........not worth spending the money to replace

- covering the dizzy is a no brainer....water gets in it, car runs like hell.

- every car i have ever cleaned with uncoverd vlave cover ended up with water in the plug tubes, miss fires and all kinds of crazy go on.
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