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Thread: VE cams in DE?

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2009-08-14 23:54:16
am i right about the VE cams? ...just wondering
2009-08-15 01:38:18
I'm not sure the small lobes would clear everything anyway, but the frontmost journals (closest to the cam gears) are configured differently on the VE... so nope.

I stole the VE cam pic from a classified ad (thanks):

2009-08-15 01:39:57
mmmm vvl...figgured that much
2009-08-16 03:24:32
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
When i tried this a few years back i noticed the RR cams are bigger ,
altho the cam journals are spaced equaly i saw no gain in doing this swap . Not to mention that constant high RPM's will result in bent and damaged valves and premature wear.

Please post the info you have on how RR cams benefit a old school DE for cheap HP. i like to see the gains on a dyno sheet if avaliable .

With what?
2009-08-16 03:57:45
would be like putting vtec cams in non vtec not possible.
2009-08-29 20:56:55
Originally Posted by ahab91nx
actually iirc.. the VE cam theoretically could work...however i think the VE and any DE rocker arms are designed different, so in theory you would be driving on the high lift lobes, and at worst case scenario the low lift lobes would be hitting the tops of the valves if not the arms of the rockers.....standard DE cam has one lobe to operate 2 valves while the VE has 3 lobes...2 small for the low one large for the high

There's more to the VE/DE swap than just the lobes. It won't be useable bolting them in. Check the thrust journals.
2009-08-29 21:22:44
From what I have heard, the RR SR20/Cams are much smoother on the lobes, which is why you can't run non-RR cams without swapping the head. Hence the Roller Rocker.

I wish I knew more as to why the RR doesn't rev as high safely when stock. There are JWT vavle springs that allow the RR to run to 7500rpm.
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