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Thread: Meziere electric water pump talk

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2010-05-20 21:04:10
Mine runs off a controller that adjusts pump flow to maintain a specific temp range, it also runs on after shutdown till coolant hits a set temperature. I love the kits, I have the much larger mezierre unit which is probably overkill, but it is nice still with more mounting options.

2010-05-21 01:48:37
That controller is defiantly seems like the way to go. I am going to have to pick one of those up. I know with the pump running full blast all the time there is more drain on the alt and less power gains (and worse mileage, wear, drilling holes in Tstats etc...).

A good way to wire the pump otherwise is with a solenoid from Radio Shack on the fuel pump power. That way you don't have to remember to switch it on and off. You could still run a separate switch to run the pump when the car is off.
2010-05-21 02:29:02
A buddy of mine has one on his n/a VVL, 2=years and not a single problem. No thermostat, I will definately be doing this mod when funds allow.
2010-05-21 13:02:57
What is the part number of the pump that everyone is using?
2010-05-21 13:51:45
Meziere Enterprises WPK510 - Meziere Import Electric Water Pump Kits - Overview - SummitRacing.com

WPK510 that is for the kit
2010-05-21 14:30:12
2010-05-21 14:37:03
2010-05-21 17:52:53
Originally Posted by jere

Who? Me? If so, then yes, thinking about it. Of course, a cheaper price would be better, but the ease of installation of this over trying to get a belt to fit on a Crank and WP only setup...electric water pump all day.
2010-05-21 18:25:17
lets you move alternator to the back, Miko sells a kit to do that. THen nothing up front! No coolant running into your alternator and no exhaust heat killing it either.

2010-05-21 18:34:02
when I ever get to my build it will have this electric water and an electric power steering. The alternator will be related to the back for the uber clean look. If anyone can get picks of their pump already installed that would be nice.
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