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Thread: Meziere electric water pump talk

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2009-08-07 23:47:10
ashton as always you are helping me out man lol
i was just about to pm you to see if that lil yellow thing to the right of my thumb was what you were talking about?
2009-08-08 00:28:54
yes, take that out and drill the hole bigger.
2009-08-08 13:04:12
Thanks man, i drilled a bunch of 1/8 holes in it, if i dont like how that goes i'll just take it out its only 3 bolts
2010-05-19 20:51:51
Any pics of how you installed the pump itself? how has it been working for you?
2010-05-19 21:31:05
Sorry to butt in.. but can anyone tell me why people are interested in doing this mod?

Is it for HP gain? or because the stock water pump cavitates at high rpm?
2010-05-19 22:04:53
Originally Posted by ny5speed
Any pics of how you installed the pump itself? how has it been working for you?

I wonder that myself. I know I will be using one of these on my build and would love to see some pics of the install and impressions afterwards.
2010-05-19 23:48:42
I bet it frees up hp, prob about 5-8 peak hp. But it won't cavitate, and it can still circulate coolant while the engine is off. Which is a huge advantage!
2010-05-20 00:59:55
exactly for that reason, frees up hp (very little though), doesnt cavitate so you always have a nice steady flow of coolant through the motor, and yes you can run it with the engine off to help cool it down quicker which definetly helps during drag strip events or even road coarse racing.

Over all its better than the stock water pump. No downfalls at all to it other than the pumps last only soo long. The way i mounted mine was to where it was floating using the hoses to hold it up. I had no issues at all doing that. That way its not mounted to the engine and doesnt get near the vibration which would shorten the life of it. I used mine for a year and went 10k miles with zero issues. And i bought it used. Still works like a charm.
2010-05-20 04:19:47
I'll update this with some pics, i'll be working on my car soon. I love it. The only scary thing is to make sure you have it on if your startin the motor or doing stuff to your car.
2010-05-20 04:26:15
i wired mine into my fan harness, Since i was running a single flexalite it was all good. All i did is take the ground wire in the fuse box that normally runs to the ecu, that the ecu grounds to turn on the fans and attached it to ground. Its a power with the key in the on position so it kicks the fan and water pump on whenever the key is ON. No added wires or anything. Worked out nicely.
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