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Thread: sunroof wont open, no dome lights?

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2009-07-29 01:30:58
sunroof wont open, no dome lights?
so, i have a b13 ive almost completely redone. came to me as a shell. now, for some reason, even though i have a KNOWN good sunroof motor/light switch, neither one is working. ive checked all my fuses, and found nothing. all the wiring is there, and hooked up. what should i check for? i know its kind of vague.....but i see no reason for the light/sunroof not to work.
2009-07-29 01:37:28
your gonna wanna get a DVOM and test for continuity..this is best achieved in continuity or ohms mode depending on how its set up...if your finding continuity in the wires then the problem is fuse or pre fuse related if not you have bad wires
2009-07-29 01:47:09
yeah, ive thought about doing that, but ihave a fealing theres something simpler going on here......didnt know if there was a specific place to start looking.
2009-07-29 02:03:59
eh idk, when it happend to me it was a fuse...a weird fuse too
2009-07-29 09:43:33
same here i had the electronics fuse go out in my car and the sunroof,heater,and other electrocis stop working, replaced it and it worked fine
2009-07-29 12:21:18
eh, i feel retarded....the wire was unplugged under the dash. problem solved. i just had to think about it/look at it for more than 3 minutes, lol.
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