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Thread: Oil filter housing

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2009-07-27 20:28:50
Oil filter housing
Has anyone tried strapping in a lowport or RR oil filter housing onto a highport engine? Reason I ask is my oil sandwich plate leaves too little space to get my filter off easily and it would be so much easier access with a lowport one. Are there clearence issues with a nx using a filter location like that?
2009-07-27 20:55:01
2009-07-27 20:59:22
lol clearly you didnt read the post. I wanted to know if a lowport bracket will work on a highport. I have no issues getting the filter off and on but with my new nx it leaves way too little space and i dont want to cut the threads like the old one and am looking for alternatives.
2009-07-27 21:06:31
Yes, I'm using a RR oil filter housing on a highport block.
2009-07-27 21:07:18
Be sure you get some new seals from Mr V.
2009-07-27 21:21:57
swiss does it have to be a rr, or is the lowport engine the same setup for the oil filter?
2009-07-27 21:27:37
Lowport is the same as RR as far as oil filter housing assembly.

IIRC, I still have the lowport oil filter housing assembly at the house (don't remember if it sold or not. I'll have to check when I get home).

You should get the bottom mount VE(?) oil filter housing assembly.
2009-07-27 21:41:46
the bottom mount is what I was asking for - the RR uses the same one, I've never owned a lowport, so I wouldn't know if it is the bottom mount, but that's what I was looking for.
2009-07-28 02:10:58
The lowport uses the same style as the highport (mounted up by the chain tensioner), but it uses a different filter. The RR uses the same filter as the lowport, but mounts on the bottom. This is a highport block/RR head:

2009-07-28 02:13:22
Here is a highport for reference (older lowports have the same placement):

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