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Thread: Car doesnt make a sound...

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2009-07-23 20:45:00
or check the relay if there is no click at all
2009-07-24 00:32:45
did you maybe leave your car unlocked? try to lock/unlock your vehicle with the key and then start it.. i get this sometimes
2009-07-24 02:14:48
put the car up on ramps and try banging on your starter a bit that might help the diagnosis also will allow you to see if somethings loose
2009-07-27 23:00:22
Well, odd kind of update.

So i get 2 of my friends to come help me get it rolling down the hill to start it. I get in it and try it just to see what happens and it starts right up. It hadn't moved an inch, nothing changed and it just started no problem.
What does this mean?
2009-07-27 23:02:42
bad starter, mine did the same thing..i tried for hours to start it i push started it and drove it about 40 miles...shut it off and miraculously starteed it up again....next time it dies try bangin on the starter with a hammer...if it kicks over after that replace it...they die instantly
2009-07-27 23:10:45
ok, well Dad's already got the starter. I just wanted to make sure before I put it in tomorrow. Thanks a lot guys
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