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Thread: Recommend me a good fuel pressure setup

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2009-07-21 02:54:00
Recommend me a good fuel pressure setup
As it is now, I'm using an adjustable fpr made by a forum member on the other forum. It does it's job, sort of, but it doesn't hold PSI. What I'm reffering to, is the fact that when I adjust it to a certain psi, it won't stay there. It'll go up or down randomly. I'm wanting a good part that will stay wherever I set it at. It doesn't have to be bolt on, I can use an adaptor at the fuel rail if needed. Please let me know what you guys have used that stays where you set it.
2009-07-21 03:09:51
Nismo FPR's are pretty good for the most part. Swiss did have an issue with one that killed his motor. Which brings me to the point of, getting that FPR replaced before it kills your motor.

If you have a stock fuel rail, it will just bolt up to it, but you will need to bend it a little bit.

SR20 Fuel rail one

Universal One

Also the Aeromotive one is pretty good too, but it's only good for universal fit basically: Go Fast Depot
2009-07-21 03:14:11
I've recently seen where people are claiming the Nismo unit has leaked as well. And to be honest the one I have is a replica of it anyway.
2009-07-21 03:36:16
I haven't had any issues yet, but yeah it does seem like Nismo kinda dropped the ball on this one. Kinda said since it's the only Nismo part in my car .
2009-07-21 03:45:37
Well to be honest I hadn't really heard anything bad about that particular part untill recently. I'm leaning towards just using an adaptor at the rail, and just finding a good universal part for now.
2009-07-21 03:50:29
In that case the Aeromotive should do the justice. You will need a fuel rail adapter: NISMO Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter Bracket :: Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories - Courtesyparts.com
2009-07-21 04:06:40
Is it too much to ask to get a decent AFPR that is say less than $50? lol...
2009-07-21 04:22:11
$50 dollars? You must have been drinking again. LOL I agree most are very expensive.
2009-07-21 13:20:05
$50 Dollars!!!! Who Did You Think You Kiddnapped Chelsea Clinton!!!!......
2009-07-21 13:52:34
I prefer non-adjustable FPRs. Stock units work great. Need more pressure? Swap in a non-adjustable unit with higher base pressure. Bosch has many to choose from.
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