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Thread: just a small rant about my old car

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2008-01-17 23:35:22
I'm never selling my b13. Its dieing with me!
2008-01-19 22:47:27
That's what happens when you sell a heavily modified car to an enthusiast. You better believe they're gonna leave their own mark on it. That's why I get so shocked at people selling their cars on here, the cars they love so much, put so much work in, for what seems like a measly amount of money. And they sell it to someone who doesn't frequent the forums nor is part of the community whatsoever and freak when something happens to the car. Basically, selling it means surrendering your control over the car.
2008-01-20 02:58:28
Shouldn't a sold it... period.
2008-01-20 03:04:51
You got what you wanted for it, not your concern anymore! Gotta let it go and start a new project

2008-01-21 07:36:56
well you shouldn't sell it. many of us was telling you that =). build one again, and like the guys up above said. die with my friend.

also i can call you again for help. pm me your number again switch phones and lost your numero.
2008-01-23 06:08:37
just pm'd u the number
2008-01-23 06:55:43
if you sold it then you dont have the right to say ****. it aint your car anymore. let them enjoy it.. i rather see it as a daily driven car. but it aint my car neither.
2008-01-23 07:09:53
Post up the pictures he sends you when he installs lambo doors.
2008-01-23 16:24:38
that would be his last mod they would find him with the fishes and a uncle beens box crammed down his throat
2008-11-06 03:28:14
Lol. I just came across this and found it pretty funny. I just wanted to let you know your old car has nothing even close to anything you posted. We were going to put carpet in but the Honda CRX rails were welded to the floor. We got rid of the big wheels but that wasn't the best of it. The car was very good looking, i'll give it up. We tore the **** out of all the revits that were put into it. The intake box, pretty, but not easy to work on. Definately a nice looking car but in the end, it was a **** box. The car would not run. There were plenty of issues to the point where he got fed up and got rid of the ****. He is boosting happy now so its all good. If you plan on building another track car, I say keep it raw and make sure that bish is running strong.

I actually have my buddy here as well so I am sure he has a little to rant about especially since he drove from fukin NY to SC for that hunk of ****. A couple of the CT boys got their hands on it and are now scratchin their heads on WTF is wrong with it and why it has such bull**** on it.
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