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Thread: did i replace the wrong part? help me sr20 newbie

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2009-07-19 02:24:37
did i replace the wrong part? help me sr20 newbie
Well I haven't gotten much help and ive been searching my little arse off trying to get answers. Ive learned a little more though and just need some clarification. I thought i replaced the iacv but from doing some searching i actually replaced the AAC or the idle air regulator? didn't know this was different from the iacv. So my question is could this be why i still have the same problem after replacing the AAC? My car throws a code for the IACV. So should i have replaced that instead of the AAC? Itd be a bittersweet win for me just because i spent the money and installed the AAC myself which was an absolute P.I.T.A. so many vacuum lines lol. For those of you who don't know my problem here it is. My car starts and idles fine when the engine is cold. but once warmed up and i try to start it, the car dies right away. If i start it and rev it once while its warm the engine will idle, sometimes sparatically but usually it will smooth out and im fine. Ive been driving it like this for a while now. Let me know what you guys think.
2009-07-19 08:16:22
Not a bad thing that you replaced the acc but you still need to change out the iacv. Did you try adjusting the screw that is on the unit itself?
2009-07-19 12:11:28
well you could just TRY to clean out the gunk form the IACV. Usually they get so full of soot it won't let air bypass. Try that before you replace it, it'll cost you the price of a can of carb clean.
2009-07-19 14:44:46
im thinking about cleaning it today and see what happens from there. thanks
2009-07-19 15:44:27

2009-07-19 16:21:48
That sounds like an air regulator issue to me.. it could be closing too much after warmup. Anyways, have a look here and you can see how the system works.

2009-07-19 22:52:20
I cleaned it up today and everything is working as it should. idles warm now woo hoo
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