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Thread: Knock Sensor Code P0325

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2008-02-17 08:14:37
so hows the car doing now? sorry i havent been on this forum in a while. im guessing it ended up being the knock sensor.
2008-02-17 20:05:19
Knock sensor code hasn't came on yet, so I think I'm all set now
2008-02-18 07:21:31
nice, hope the car is doing good. mine is down right now. getting new cluth in tuesday as well as HID's :naughty:
2008-02-18 07:40:46
She's up running

I think could do better, but until I get a new engine I don't think I can get it any better then it is right now hehe
2009-08-12 02:31:20
Did this code ever come back?
2009-08-12 04:34:20
Nope, the new eBay OEM knock sensor has survived my sludge monster and now my DET. I just took it off couple hours ago and it's in great shape and no cracks.
2010-07-06 17:12:05
Sorry to bring up a old thread Vadim, but my g20 lowport has been hesitating and it feels like it runs rich in the low rpm range but does great on the highway or revving it pat 3500 range too. Did you experience bad MPG? I think i saw you did....did it get better with the sensor?. My g kind of hiccups and sometimes even backfires then when the rpms get high enough it gets along well. Im thinking the person i bought the car from said it was throwing a knock code too. I was just wondering if yours was doing any kind of backfireing to see if the sensor will fix the issue. Also i did not see if you CEL was constant or intermitent? Thanks in advance
2010-07-06 19:15:37
Having a Cat should prevent any backfires. I remember my base timing being at like 11*. The MPG's on that car where weird. Thus I never got a definite improvement as far as I could tell.
2010-07-06 19:56:45
Heh, until i cleaned my MAF and replaced my knock sensor, my car definitely backfired.
2010-07-07 02:24:30
Ive been rocking that code for over 2 years now. My car is turbo now and it sees wot and redline daily. I honestly wouldn't worry about it too much. Maybe im just lucky but I havent had these problems from just that.
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