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Thread: Knock Sensor Code P0325

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2008-01-14 23:57:38
Knock Sensor Code P0325
So me knock sensor seems to be bad... it threw the code of P0325. Oh I said me on purpose

I searched the old forum for some answers, and it seems like the sensor will need to be replaced. But some people mentioned that the Knock Sensor code can be thrown when something else goes bad.

I know the first thing some of you will say is get a new engine, but my dad is in the hospital right now, so when the hospital bill roles around I think I'll forget about a new engine for a long while.

A good friend of mine mentioned that a knock sensor malfunction can cause the car to run too leany thus getting crappy performance and gas mileage.

I found some OEM Nissan knock sensors on ebay for $70ish shipped. So thats better then $150+. I'm wondering if it's worth to take the bait, or could it just end up a waste of money if the knock sensor was being triggered because of some other error...
2008-01-15 00:06:23
i would check everything else related to that code first.
a bad knock sensor will signal the ecu to retard timing, your car will actually run richer than normal and your MPGs will be down a few. ask me how i know.
is your check engine light on or did you just have to scan your ecu?
2008-01-15 00:27:16
I don't know anything about the code being triggered by something else. Mine threw the code and I replaced it. No more code, car re-gained some pep. BTW, it's a ROYAL pain in the ass on a lowport.

I bought mine from ebay. Just make sure it is OEM nissan and you'll be good.
2008-01-15 00:59:59
The knock sensor's not there just to go bad, its meant to warn you... if it threw you a knock code you should first try to find out if it's a bad sensor or if you actually are knocking. Obviously one is much worse than the other. Last time I threw a knock code I put in some high octane fuel which I have been running since then and reset the ECU, and the code did not come back (probably advancing my timing far is what caused it in the first place). You could also try retarding the timing a bit and resetting the ECU.

Or am I mistaken and that error code actually means bad sensor, not knock detected?
2008-01-15 01:18:47
if the ecu triggers the code, it usually means the sensor is bad. if the ecu detects knock it will initially just retard timing a bit. but if it is constantly seeing knock like in your case Danja, then it will throw the code. My P10 had the code, but I already used 91 octane and my timing is at 15 degrees. I tried resetting the ecu a couple times, just in case it was just bad gas, but that was a no go. I ended up replacing the sensor, and yes it was a major pain in the ass.
2008-01-15 05:45:06
Thanks for the info guys!

Read more on the code here

It looks like the sensor is bad, and it looks like it is the reason my cars been lacking in performance, even though it feels like a whole new car with engine back and pop charger.

I heard it's a pain to replace... oh well gotta do what you gotta do haha
2008-01-15 06:15:56
Oh I should mention, I think the Knock Sensor code has been on for a while, but would not turn on the CEL light. The reason I found out my knock sensor had an issue is because my rear O2 ripped and threw a CEL.

When I used the OBDII scanner it showed me 2 codes.

Here is one of the sensors that I'm interested in... do you guys think it's legit enough?
2008-01-15 07:05:58
that's a good deal for a new sensor, i'd jump on that Covert.
2008-01-15 07:10:22
Man, I have sold a used o2 to someone that needed on for $20, somebody step up... help this man out.
2008-01-15 14:08:33
Originally Posted by SER96VSPEC
that's a good deal for a new sensor, i'd jump on that Covert.


Originally Posted by XxToKeSxX
Man, I have sold a used o2 to someone that needed on for $20, somebody step up... help this man out.

Ameen, hehe this is the Knock Sensor not the 02

But if someone wants a brand new Bosch O2 sensor and doesn't mind doing some extra work you can get one for $30 shipped! Here is my eBay auction.
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