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Thread: Removing ALT pulley......

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2008-01-13 18:53:07
Removing ALT pulley......
Anyone got any tips. The whole ALT has to be removed on my N15 chassis to even see the pulley bolt.....but how do you then get the pulley bolt off?.......more importantly put a more easily damaged alloy replacement on?

Is it an opposite thread?

2008-01-13 18:53:57
need an impact gun
2008-01-13 18:55:26
x2 on thr impact gun, are you repacing the old one with a new lighter one? or just a stock replacement
2008-01-13 18:58:06
wow! quick replies. Alloy replacement. I can hold the old OE steel one in a vice when loosening...... How do you stop the new alloy one spinning when tightening?
2008-01-13 20:49:10
with the impact gun you should just be able to throw a glove on and hold the pulley while the impact gun does the work. it should come right off. same with the alloy. it should just tighten itself while you grip the pulley with your hands.
2008-01-13 21:07:15
Thanks for the help guys. Looks like i`m buying an impact gun then.
2008-01-13 21:12:48
it's a great tool. they make the cordless electric ones. those things are amazing. great for taking off wheels, balljoints, suspension, brakes, shoot anything that needs a lot of force. just be really careful not to overtighten things.
2008-01-13 21:18:50
im sure a local shop could do it for you if you were unsure about it or didnt wanna splurge and get a impact gun
2008-01-31 14:11:13
Spalshed out on an impact gun and it did the trick no problem. Thanks
2008-02-01 14:07:01
Impact gun is the only way I can say sadly. I had the same issue (kind of), swapped the Alt from my S13 to my Pickup. I tried everything _I_ could think of before finding a friend with a air impact gun. If you dont feel like buying one (there is a topic around here about cordless ones) then just stop by what ever shop you go by the most and ask them to do it for a favor, it only takes 3 minutes, including getting the tool and socket. lol
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