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Thread: Happynole project

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2009-06-20 17:32:15
Wow! That is a beautiful piece!
2009-06-20 19:22:40
Great job. That's a pretty sweet setup Joe.
2009-06-20 20:38:15
When will they be for sale and how much?!?!?
2009-06-20 21:12:36
Very nice work on the TFSTB!! ,, love to option of camber adjustment,

had a great time out there watching the two VVL's scream around the track... like Eggman said next time is going to be a run night..!!

Joe's SE-R is one sweet ride and Kimmie ran that Nx like nobody's business
2009-06-20 22:06:04
He must be one happy nole indeed... I love the lay-out of te engine bay too. Now do the throttle-cable rerouting-trick too...
2009-06-20 22:45:24
Originally Posted by Loek
Now do the throttle-cable rerouting-trick too...

Ok, I'm listening. Your suggestion would be??
2009-06-20 22:55:16
^^^Joe,I am surprised you dont know about this.
I just looped mine around by the MC and under the intake and back up.
I I had noticed that I would have showed you,but I was distracted by that crazy header,and beeffy new bar,hehe.

You can see my throttle and cruise cables in this pic.They actually both lay up under the metal lip on the firewall by the cowl.
2009-06-20 23:10:31
So how did Mark do is the sunfire?
2009-06-20 23:13:12
Originally Posted by Nismo_34
When will they be for sale and how much?!?!?

Triangulated Front Strut Tower Bar

If we do a gb on 10 we can probably knock the price down 15% to $255 shipped.
2009-06-20 23:26:48
Mark is a nut,I believe he put the smackdown on the Nissans,with a best time of 1.00 IIRC...but ask mark about the miatas...they were eating him up,and he was not happy,lol.
Damn miatas,lol
Although mark did have a few close encounters of the wall kind.LOL
I dont know what Joe's best time was,but I thought it was slower than Marks best.I believe Happynole could have gone faster,but he does need to drive his car back to GA.

Its pretty scary out there with tire barriers and walls instead of just cones.
Just ask the guy in the new Mustang that clocked a wall at the end of the night...not pretty.
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