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Thread: new motor or head??

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2009-06-08 05:26:35
new motor or head??
Hey guys,
just picked up a 1991 NX with a blown motor for $150. Body is very decent so instead of parting it I think I want to try and either swap a new motor in or preferably just a new head.

Cams have MAJOR wear , like 1/8th of an inch and the rockers are scored and grooved. I assume no oil was getting to the head and the dummy just kept driving.

What should I be looking for to tell if the block is still okay? drop pans and check the bearings etc but what else? I hate the color (purple blue) or i'd go DET or VE but want to just put a DE in and sell it and us the profit to DET or VE my current car.

2009-06-08 06:54:29
hey bro i have a jdm head for sale just shoot me a offer ille let it go for cheap i live in atlanta ga
2009-06-08 11:00:09
The easiest would probably buying a new motor then a simple swap and your done. When you replace just the head and the cams have that much wear who knows what else is toast.
2009-06-08 11:00:52
For the cost of a JDM motor I would just do a swap like mentioned.

PM Andreas Miko if you need a motor.
2009-06-08 16:31:46
Isn't that color super rare anyway?! I don't see many Electric Blue NX's rolling around. Hell, I don't see any PERIOD here in El Paso.
2009-06-08 16:37:24
I would keep that car just because of the color. For 150 that's a steal and a half
2009-06-08 16:56:58
You SOB! you bought the one in Lincoln didn't you?!!!!
I wanted that one so bad!
That thing was looking nice from the ad.
I have a head that came from my toasted SE-R. I'm in Omaha. 50 bucks come get it.

I was going to go VE.
2009-06-08 17:03:20
I also thermoblock spacers, brand new in box. 100 firm
2009-06-08 17:04:49
Lincoln? NO Vancouver, CAN. IT is a PURPLE-blue NOT electric blue, and is feminine looking. found a thing of touch up paint in the glove box so it may have been a re-paint.

Well I can get a 2000 se motor (lowport) for $600 Cdn from the scrapper but guys on here are selling heads for less than a $100. But I think you guys are right and I should swap the whole motor, but i was thinking if I bought a VE head I could swap that into my care and ten swap the DE head from my car into the other one!

but the way the head was effed I am really not sure if theat is a good idea. Also less sure about swapping in a Lowport.
2009-06-08 17:09:06
Oh, all the info posted was almost exactly like a 91 nx2000 purplish with blown head here locally. I wouldn't do a lowport. Keep it highport DE or go VE.
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