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Thread: Used Motor Prep

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2009-06-05 19:53:14
Used Motor Prep
I bought a used head, and a used block that im using for a project, and need some input on what kind of prep work should be done before its assembled. I'm a newb when it comes to engine work, but I have friends with experence that can help.

I would like to start with the head being re-decked, and block cleaned. I found a machine shop that can resurface the head, but what do you recommend for the bottom end?

Also, pistons, and rods will be swapped along with the oil pump. Might put in a new water pump as well. Whats the process for changing pistons and rods?

2009-06-05 19:54:25
just read man honestly I wouldnt tackle this right away I would read up. Get a nissan fsm and just read away.
2009-06-05 20:19:16
I bought a RR DE to install that "supposedly" has 40k miles. I changed the rod bearings and the water pump (used OEM parts). It is going in the car.

On my VE, I replaced rod bearings, water pump, F&R main seal; etc - stuff that is a PITA to get to once in the car.

In your case, you might want to do other items if you have specific goals (turbo, etc). Drill the oil return if you might go turbo down the road.
2009-06-05 20:25:41
Yeah this isn't gonna be a rushed project. I want to do this myself to learn, but if I need to my brother has a friend that works with Full Race here locally that can get it done. I have an fsm here on my computer that comes in pretty handy.
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