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Thread: Get b14 repaired or find a better one?

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2008-01-10 16:19:07
Get b14 repaired or find a better one?

So I got a question...my b14 is mechanically fine with about 134k miles, but the body needs a lot of work. Someone took an axe to my car about 6 months ago which will cost about $700 to repair. I also have a dent in my driver's side door which will probably cost $400 or so to repair. Getting those two things repaired will cost about $1100. I have a red car, however, and I'd have paint mismatches all over the car. The paint itself probably needs to be redone. So I'd be looking at around $2k in cosmetic repairs if I decided to get everything fixed and repainted.

I'm looking for opinions on whether or not I should get the repairs done and use this car to build on, or if I should keep this car as my daily driver and find another b14 in nice condition to build on? What would you do?

2008-01-10 17:01:51
Fix it. You wont find a good running/looking B14 for $2000.

I was somewhat in the same boat. My car got totalled by some old lady running a stop sign and hitting my rear quarter panel. I spun, jumped a curb, and ran into one of those big green electrical transformers. It would have cost around $4500 to repair it. Thats without painting the whole car. I figured I would take everything I added (suspension,engine mods,audio) off the car and let the insurance company take it.
2008-01-10 17:31:01
fix the car i agree with vex
2008-01-10 23:22:09
Thanks for the comments.

I probably would plan on buying a daily driver so I can work on my b14. A decent daily driver is going to cost about $2.5k or so.

So this is the scenario I'm in:

Fix Current B14 - $2,000
Buy a DD - $2,500

Total = $4,500

Keep Current B14 as DD - Free
Buy a better B14 - $3,500

Total = $3,500

So it would seem to me to be a better deal to keep my current one as a DD and look for a better B14?? Maybe I'm missing something...I guess maybe I could calculate in better MPG on a different DD and maybe insurance costs being lower, if I got a Civic or something.

2008-01-11 08:42:37
Honestly I think you can snag a B14 for $2k easily.. where are you located?

Look on craigslist or ebay for some sample prices. Most of the cars are pretty clean and pretty cheap.
2008-01-11 09:25:00
Bump all dat, do what I did, find a B13 on craigslist/forum for $900 and spend about $300 to get it as a good DD status and be done with it. I luv my B13 SE-R and I'm glad I got one. Or if you really want another B14, find an SE for $1500, they go all day at that price from various sellers.
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