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Thread: Crank Crank Crank

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2009-05-26 21:07:18
Originally Posted by morgans432
Should be here tmrw, honestly im not rushing because I have nothing but time and plus its raining I dont drive this car in the rain.

You bastards and your rain! It only rains enough to piss me off here, because I'll clean the truck and a crazy cloud will dump water on it for 30 seconds, then the wind with dust will follow.
2009-05-26 21:09:38
I'm going to check my spark since im bored and see if everything is good with that. I still cant believe my fuel pressure situation though, I ajusted the fpr with my fingers and it broke that can't be true.
2009-05-26 23:43:31
What broke?!
2009-05-27 02:35:44
its not holding fuel pressure it just slowly keeps creeping down and goes down to O
2009-05-27 03:18:21
It won't hold fuel pressure because the pump only primes during starting. Constant voltage is sent when the car is running. Regardless, it shouldn't drop so fast after it stops priming. It should hold at least for 5-10 minutes
2009-06-10 21:11:24
you figure this out yet? Im having the same issue.
2009-06-10 21:29:56
Nope haven't worked on the car in a week. I will have it running and on the rd this weekend and will let you know what the deal is
2009-06-11 03:11:57
i'm agreeing with Tekkie on the FPR. And, are you sure it's backfiring, not just misfiring? There's a distinct difference, a very important difference there. If the mechanical timing is perfect like he said and you've got backfiring, thats a whole 'nother bag of worms.
2009-06-11 03:16:26
Are your injectors leaking?
2009-06-11 06:35:20
I just found two of my issues. one was the dist. rotor and the other was the coolant temp sensor. Have you pulled ecu codes yet?
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