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Thread: Gas fumes in the ****pit

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2009-05-30 08:11:58
ok thats not an exhaust leak. whoa
2009-05-30 19:42:24
I think I have found the problem:

It looks like the line that goes to the small hole under the gas cap is the problem. You can see how where the hose attaches to the tank it is all wet. I hope it is the hose, and not the tank at that spot. Anybody know what size hose that is? And I just need a gas hose, not a fuel injection hose for this spot, right? Here's another pic of the hose if it helps:

2009-05-30 23:08:42
See all that rust on the fuel tank where the hose is clamped to it? Turns out that was the problem, not the hose. I removed the clamp and was twisting the hose to get it off the fuel tank, when the metal piece that sticks out from the fuel tank into the hose broke off the fuel tank. Good times. So, I will need a new fuel tank. Anybody ever use an aftermarket one? And would this be a good time to upgrade to a walbro fuel pump?
2009-05-30 23:31:40
i seen brand new ones on ebay for under 200 shipped
2009-05-31 00:53:50
OK, I'm looking at 3 different replacement gas tanks and I wanted opinions.

OEM Nissan tank, which is about $280.

SPECTRA PREMIUM Part # NS12A. Autozone/Murrays have these for about $230, Rock Auto has them for about $135 before shipping, and on e-bay they can be found for about $135, but shipped. It has a 3 year warranty

DORMAN Part # 576803. Rock Auto has these for $244 before shipping, and on e-bay they can be found for about $190 shipped. With Rock Auto, there is a lifetime warranty, but who knows if that is the case with the e-bay one.

It surprises me that the Rock Auto spectra one is the same as the autozone one, but $100 cheaper. A fuel tank that cheap scares me. Should I split the difference and get the $190 from e-bay?
2011-12-18 05:04:23
This thread was just brought back to my attention and I thought I would report back. I got the Dorman one from ebay. The one major hitch was that it came with little tabs around where the lid over the fuel pump goes. I guess some of the lids have small holes, and the tabs go in them to align the lid. Mine did not, and the idiots who installed the tank on my car didn't think it would be a problem. They just tightened it down as best the could and gave the car back to me, but the tabs prevented it from sealing. Naturally I still got heavy whiffs of gas fumes from it and it took a long time and the replacement of almost all the fuel system components back there before I took it to my trusty mechanic in Cincy, who finally figured it out.

Since then, it has been working great. I get the pressure release from the gas cap when I take it off, which I hadn't had for years.
2011-12-18 05:19:00
Originally Posted by Isfahan
I get the pressure release from the gas cap when I take it off, which I hadn't had for years.

Huge little check to take notice of while you fill up your tank. And good stuff for others to take from this thread. This has a lot of good info in it. Thank you for updating it, sir.
2011-12-20 00:34:07
YEah I agree this is a good info. These cars are getting up there in age. Its good to be aware of the small hidden problems that can happen.
2011-12-20 00:52:54
I hope you did yourself a favor and spray the heck out of the tank with rubber undercoat as some of the doorman tanks come bare metal . It will save you in the long run that is if you have the car another 20 years
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