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2008-01-10 03:18:30
I have a 94 se-r. Once first started, the motor will rev up when the throttle is opened to around 5k... but then when revved after that, the rpm wont go up, but you can hear the motor sucking air. It will also rev once like before after the idle smooths back out but you have to wait a while. It wont take back to back revs. Tried a couple of known working mafs. We even tried diffrent ways to wire them thinking it could have been wrong. Tried diffrent injectors. The fuel pressure stays consistant and doesnt drop.

Any one have any ideas?

2008-01-10 03:23:09
2008-01-10 03:25:18
I think the one from my ve is the same, ill swap em real quick and see if it makes a difference. But im almost sure thats not it. The one on it looks brand new.
2008-01-10 03:26:13
Originally Posted by Keo

x2 check the tps make sure you are getting around .4v closed
2008-01-10 03:30:10
i unplugged it and its no different. The ve one has two plugs but I opnly use one anyways so im sure it will work. Ill see what happens. I also noticed that the throlle moving with the tps so the screws are loose i think. More **** that could be causing a prblem. Thats why Im edoing all of this so that I know its done.
2008-01-10 03:41:06
they it doesnt work... the ve one i mean. I dont have another one and ive since lost my multimeter so I have no idea of the v. I pulled the one currently on there and it does look very freshly replced so im going to go ahead a rule it out until I can get another to check it or get a multi meter to make sure of the v.

Anything else? We will assume the TPS is working properly.
2008-01-10 05:38:46
Are you throwing any codes?
2008-01-10 05:56:37
well you definitly need to check those volts on the tps to make sure you are getting .4v closed and at least 4v wot
2008-01-10 06:04:01
codes... I dont think so... or maybe all the time
I dont rememeber the light being on or off. Ill check it tomorrow. Ill be getting a another tps and also checkignthe voltage of both. Somthing has to be going on here. Ill mentin its a det, not that it really has anything to do with it. Its a blow through and the piping is off the one side of the maf, leaving it connected to the IM piping. It does this with it hooked up, with it not hooked up, with the tps unplugged, with it plugged in, multiple ways to wire diffrent mafs... Im about ready to just tear it down and put the ve head on and start from scratch there. I only want this head to run with it to check and see if the bottom end is still good to go.

Sry let me be a bit more clear. The car came with the det. So far its not running. Only reason I havent tore it apart yet is because I wanna run it and see if these rings are shot and make sure the turbo works properly (which im sure it does). I dont want to tear into that BOTTOM if I dont have to. Im doing the head swap reguardless.
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