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Thread: Wrong axle installed causing problem?

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2008-01-09 20:35:00
Wrong axle installed causing problem?
ok, originally had an LSD tranny in my non-touring G20, or so I thought by what was told to me, and what Infiniti tried to tell me when I when i was trying to get axles...got a new tranny about a year and a half ago, that was supposed to have been LSD, also took a few days longer for the company to find it, so they sent it to my mechanic, they installed it, but when I did my DET swap, i needed new axles....so i ordered a passenger side axle for an LSD tranny, my mechanic got the driver's side, because later on, it was discovered that I needed a driver's side as well, well after going on APG military base and working on my car, we put in on the lift, one wheel rotates, no bulge on the driver side of the tranny, when u turn one wheel in one direction, the other wheel turns the other way, meaning NO LSD TRANNY!!!!!......now my question is, if you have an LSD axle of the passenger side of the tranny, what will happen? will something bad happen? I am getting a click and knocking sound from the rigth side of the car that only occurs when the car is on the ground moving, not in the air on the lift while pressing the gas....i thought the driver's side was the only side that mattered when it came to axles and LSD/non-LSD?
2008-01-10 18:52:44
i would get the correct axles. if you can't afford new ones find some used ones on the forums.
2008-01-10 20:58:16
"X2" I had a buddy go from a 95 to a 98 Tranny and try to use the LSD axles and it was a NO GO!
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