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Thread: Should I fix or sell?

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2008-01-09 22:48:51
I'm in pharmacy school and am going to be working at a pharmacy about 15-20 min away hopefully school is going to be within 20 min from school.

I've had it professionally aligned 2 or 3 times by 2 different shops, made it a little better def. not perfect and both said they couldn't figure it out, but i don't think they looked very hard. I guess I'll get an estimate/checked out.
thanks for the help so far.
2008-01-10 04:37:52
Nathan what school do you go to? St. Louis Community College at Forest Park?

My gf lives close to downtown STL. My car has been broken into there so I don't feel so well parking on Jefferson street

Back on topic, if it's a clean 200 and the pulling is the only issue, then I would keep it. These cars are getting harder to come around, esp if they are in good condition...
2008-01-10 06:17:40
I go to St.Louis College of Pharmacy. Ya so far from what I hear about the cars I've been looking into, best option would be to keep it and get everything fixed.
2008-01-10 12:45:18
I wounldn't get rid of it just for that fact unless you really don't like the car. I have had the same issues and it's not that bad. Hell in the past year I have been though 2 wheel bearings and 2 hubs. Come to find out that my passenger side hub was just bad. So it's not all that bad man. Axels are not as hard to replace as some might thing. And they really arn't that costly.

Read up on how to find out if you have bad bearings. Pretty simple test... If you can't find it let me know. But I would check that first, and also make sure your axel nut is on tight. That will cause these issues also. And in the case that your bearing is bad, check a local junk yard for a new spindle/knuckle. You can pick one up for less than $40 and is a really easy swap.
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