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Thread: Agreed value insurance

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2009-05-15 04:08:46
Agreed value insurance
Has anyone looked into this? I've gotten to the point with my S13 that if it got wrecked, I'd lose my shirt. I don't know what the blue book is, but it's almost old enough to drink and I'd be willing to be I wouldn't get ten percent of what I've put into it. I just finished an expensive turbo upgrade, a moderately-priced brake upgrade, and I'm about to dump a big chunk of cash on a suspension setup, so I've been thinking about this harder.

Anyway, I know my current car insurance provider won't do an agreed-value sort of thing. Does anyone here know a company (or more than one) that does?

2009-05-15 04:28:48
I thought about it, but never followed through. That's kind of one reason I sold my VE B13. I knew it was worth only about $1000 to them, and would have been disappointing if I wrecked it.
2009-05-15 11:25:42
Insurance Options for Modified Cars - e30tech.com Forums
2009-05-15 12:37:51
Looks like I'm in luck by having Alstate. Is the Stated value only for full coverage?
2009-05-15 15:16:10
Good info
2009-05-15 16:02:43
I have been having issues with State Farm ever since I found this out the hard way. They were more than happy to give me full coverage on my NX and SE-R, but then Kimme had a minor mishap in the NX (Body shop estimate $1200) and they wanted to Total out the car. Needless to say, I dropped the claim and paid out of pocket for repairs. Still need paint though.

In any case, I have been looking for a new company since. Looks like a call to Allstate is upcoming.
2009-05-15 16:22:41
I had allstate then switched to statefarm now i have Geico and funny thing is i did save alot by switching to them .

Collectors car insurance woudl be best if you have a modified car or collectible that want insured for say $10k and they will do it you just pay a hefty premium.
2009-05-15 16:22:47
That God for USAA..
2009-05-15 19:35:30
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
That God for USAA..

X2. I love them. Seriously.
2009-05-16 03:07:48
What is USAA?
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