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Thread: Fix-a-flat?

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2009-05-09 14:24:00

I've used fix-a-flat once, and it didn't do as advertised. With my 240, I actually sourced a 5-lug donut for a spare. IIRC (man, it's been a while), it fit over the Z32 brakes without hitting anything. However, I never had to use it, so it always sat in the trunk till I sold off the car. I can call the guy I sold the car to and ask him about fitment and let you know if what I recall is correct.
2009-05-09 15:48:21

Originally Posted by sr20speed

I can see what you mean (especially being in the tire field), that this isn't a professional repair per se, but it is pretty effective. I've used these kits for years and repaired probably 6 or 7 tires with no issues. It seems about the worst case scenario, would be the plug somehow coming out and the tire going flat again.

I keep one of those kits in my glove box. One thing for certain, it's 1,000x better than fixaflat.
2010-07-27 04:00:04
I was a tire tech for a couple months until I moved up. Fix-a-flat works (temporarily). Yes, you can patch/plug a tire after you use fix-a-flat.... But it makes for a realllllllly messy job for the tire tech. In alot of states the "road plugs" (Plugs you buy from Walmart) are illegal, because they don't hold well with pressure.

Fix-a-flat also ruins your tires really fast in the long run. The idea of fix a flat is to heat up the tire to seal the hole (if its small). If you were to take a tire off the rim with fix a flat in it, you can feel the heat and smell the disgusting stench, and more likely than not, get it all over your uniform.

Originally Posted by Rittmeister

3. Same question, for the wheel - is it really hard to clean off the wheel, to replace/repair the tire?

It's not hard to clean off the wheel, whatever shop you bring it to will have cleaning supplies... It's just going to take some time to completely clean the inside of the tire and the rim. Don't expect to be in and out of the shop. Might want to spare yourself an hour or two out of the day.

The plug you should be looking for are flat bottom, sort of like this.....


Two reasons why these plugs hold up better and last longer

1. They have a flat bottom, so it's impossible for the pressure to push it out of the puncture in the tire.
2. Wherever you bring it to have it plugged, they will have drill bits that will fit the plug stems perfectly in the hole, so there's no cracks where air can escape.

Again, fix-a-flat works, but it is temporary, and sucks for the tire tech doing the work. Plugs/patches are NOT permanent, but the plug/patch I referred to will last long enough to save up for new tires (Depending on how you drive, even thousands of miles). Where I work (Sears) I think its $19.99 for a flat repair which includes new valve stem, patch/plug and a balance.

Originally Posted by Cliff
Is it true that even the "TPMS safe" fix-a-flat still damages the sensor? I've seen where they said it was safe but I don't believe it...

I wish I took a picture of the TPMS I saw the other day from one of the tire guys. The guy used a TPMS "safe" fix-a-flat and it clogged the shit out of the TPMS. The tech tried blowing out all the gunk out of the sensor with the air, and got to 70psi and stopped because of liability. Eventually had to take the TPMS off and replace it with a regular valve stem. The guy spent $10 on a can of fix a flat and ended up paying $120 for a new sensor.

2010-07-27 04:14:59
A freaking stealthy spammer that made somewhat of sense bumped this thread up not 92BoostedSER.
2010-07-27 04:18:15
Haha, shit I didn't even notice.... my bad. I just saw the topic was lit up when I came on, so I chimed in.
2010-07-27 04:31:16
No worries you added useful info to the thread
2010-07-27 04:39:49
Indeed. So basically, if you have a flat in your NC Miata, Mazda only gives you enough rope to hang yourself? Every new Mazda I've seen has TPMS. You get a can of Fix-A-Flat from the factory. Do the math. F*ck Mazda. I wouldn't mind an NC Miata aside from that. That's about all I have to contribute.
2010-07-27 05:23:47
Get a plug kit with a small air compressor... Very VERY helpful... Won't have to take it to a shop to fix it after... Used it on my civic about 2-3 times
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