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Thread: car shaking while driving ?

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2009-05-01 20:29:18
car shaking while driving ?
So I finally got my ve running and while going about 50 or so the car starts to shake. Now my first thought is a unbalanced wheel but I am also have a issue getting my rear aubfarame bolts tight enough. They can' t be tightened to much or the keep spinning?? Anybody think it's just a wheel , which it feels like or the subframe?
2009-05-01 21:18:53
you need to narrow it down a little more..

did this just start happening after a swap?
2009-05-01 23:12:24
wheels need to be balance
2009-05-03 06:05:42
I thought I had a tire out of balance on mine, till one day I pull off the road to check tire pressure and smelled the famous burnt clutch,brake smell, Rear caliper was dragging... That was all my vibrations
2009-05-03 17:16:27
Thanks guys I don't see any weights on the wheels so I am assumig they used the ones that glu on the inside and maybe they fell off.
2009-05-04 23:53:27
The Tires Are Cupped Or What About Flat Spots And How Are The Struts And Mounts
2009-05-06 15:14:51
What type of axles? Some of the cheaper AutoZone axles can cause vibrations.

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